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Big East Power Rankings: 10/18/06

We apologize to all one of you who tried to get on the site earlier today, but couldn't because the server was down. It appears Card Chronicle curse backlash is already in full swing.

And yet we persevere.

There is still quite a clear division between the top four teams in the league (who we'll refer to as Kelly Kapowski) and the bottom four (that homeless chick that Zack inexplicably had a thing for in the Christmas episode.) With non-conference play all done, here's how the food chain shapes up heading into the thick of Big East play:

1. West Virginia (6-0, 1-0)

The more impressive win over a lesser opponent at home warrants the Mountaineers the top spot. With struggling Uconn looming on Friday, Dub Vee is unlikely to relinquish #1 before Godzilla meets King Kong on Nov. 2.

2. Louisville (6-0, 1-0)

Was Cincinnati a fluke? Are the Cards merely the product of a schedule that looks better on paper than it actually is? Is Art Carmody the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby? Tune in to WHAS, WBKI, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPNU, ABC, or Fox this fall to find out.

3. Rutgers (6-0, 1-0)

How far can Ray Rice (literally) carry this team? He's going to need significant help for the first time Saturday.

4. Pittsburgh (6-1, 2-0)

Tyler Palko leads the nation in passing efficiency, but in the only game his team actually needed him to be on the field to win, the "animated" quarterback threw two picks and the Panthers were dominated by Michigan State. The QB will put his reputation, and statistical rankings, on the line in three days against a Rutgers team that ranks second in the nation in total defense, and fifth in the nation in pass defense.

The opportunity to be the team in a position to steal a BCS bid is most certainly on the line Saturday, and Pitt can't win the game without a ginormous performance from Palko who could also set himself up to make a run at Big East Offensive Player of the Year.

5. South Florida (5-2, 1-1)

With a freshman quarterback at the healm, the Bulls looked out of synche and struggled to win their first three games. But the main thing was that they did win and now with Gunner Grothe coming into his own, the Bulls are playing like a team that could upset at least one of the three big four teams they have yet to play, and a team that will most certainly be preparing for the postseason in the early weeks of December.

Don't forget, USF is a dropped two-point conversion away from taking a Rutgers team the nation is raving about to overtime.

6. Syracuse(3-4, 0-2)

The six slot is a coin flip between Cincy and the Orange, and although the Bearcats played their monster opponent on the road (Louisville) much closer than SU played its monster opponent on the road (West Virginia), Syracuse gets the nod because its non-conference wins (Illinois, Miami (OH), Wyoming) are more impressive than Mark Dantonio's squad's (Eastern Kentucky, Miami (OH), Akron). Also,when looking at mutual opponents, the Cuse was more impressive against Pitt (21-11 as opposed to 33-15) and Miami (OH) (34-14 as opposed to 24-14), but we suppose one could counter that Cincy played Pitt on the road and Miami is a rivalry game, at which point we would punch them in the face because if you question our #6 Big East power ranking then that's just what happens.

7. Cincinnati (3-4, 0-2)

The moment of truth (that being the battle for the #6 spot in the Big East, of course) comes next Saturday when Perry Patterson and the Orange come to Nippert Stadium.

8. Connecticut (3-3, 0-1)

In case you missed it, Uconn successfuly ruined one of our predictions for the third time this year. So if you're counting at home, we've missed four games all year, and all but one have been because of these chotches. You could beat Ohio State by 98 at this point and you wouldn't get a reprieve from our unparalleled fury.