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Caracter Suspended Three Games By NCAA

Great, grand, wonderful. Now for the love of God can we all just move on?


University of Louisville basketball freshman Derrick Caracter will have to sit
out the first three games of this season, according to NCAA ruling issued this

According to a U of L investigation, Caracter received benefits worth $2,164.49 from an undisclosed family friend who is a former employee of a sports agency. The money was for various basketball camp trips and an unofficial visit to U of L.

U of L pointed out in its report to the NCAA that the loans did not occur while the friend was employed by a sports agency, that the friend had a close relationship with Caracter for several years prior to Caracter's freshman year of high school and that Caracter had repaid all of the money.

"In assessing Mr. Caracter's responsibility for this violation, the staff determined that he had some culpability, however, based on the dating relationship the individual had with his aunt and the fact that the benefits were provided after his employment with the sports agent had ended, only a minimal withholding was warranted," said Jennifer Strawley, NCAA director of membership services and student-athlete reinstatement.

"Reinstatement is a delicate balance of addressing the benefit or competitive advantage gained with student-athlete well being. In this instance, requiring repayment - which Caracter had already fulfilled - as well as requiring him to sit out 10 percent of the season adequately addresses Mr. Caracter's responsibility for the
violation while considering the specific factors of the case."

Eddie Lau: there's nothing good about who you are or what you do.