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A Brief Tribute To The Keg Of Nails

For as long as we can remember we've considered the keg of nails to be our favorite college football rivalry trophy for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that it's a friggin' keg of friggin' nails. Is there anything more "football" than a keg of nails? Perhaps a keg of footballs, but we've yet to see any two schools be so bold.

Indeed the Keg of Nails is more manly than John Wayne (or Jimmy Stewart if you prefer the real world to the diegetic), and we here thought that a tribute post of some sort was long overdue.

When one team beats the other 70-7, the keg puts out.

Half-True Early History

Little is actually known about the origins of the keg, which was first given to the victor of the Louisville/Cincinnati game when the teams played for the first time in 1929. The keg, a replica of the wooden barrels used to ship nails to constructions sites, is believed to have been initiated by fraternity chapters on each campus signifying that the winning players were "tough as nails."

Perhaps the keg's finest moment came in 1945 when it killed Hitler.

Other Great Moments in the Life of the Keg of Nails

Being hoisted by Louisville players.

Being hoisted by Cincinnati players.

Spending a shit ton of time in storage rooms.

Recent Keg Happenings

Despite spending the majority of its early years (first 12) in the Queen City, the keg has spent the better part of the last decade in the commonwealth with Louisville having beaten the Bearcats in four straight years and eight of the last nine.

The Keg gets its annual moment in the spotlight (like Dick Clark...who we send our best wishes to) this Saturday at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, when which players will be allowed to grope it will be determined on the field.

Players on both teams have expressed their desire to bring the Keg of Nails back to their respective institutions of learning.

"Now we're going to go get the Keg of Nails back," said Bearcat center Jeff Reinstatler in the aftermath of UC's 20-14 win over Akron last Saturday.

"Jeff Re- who?," countered Louisville kicker Art Carmody in a sit down with CC Wednesday afternoon. "He wants to see the keg he's gonna have to swing by my place cuz come Saturday night I'll be sleepin' with that bitch."


The Keg of Nails is the undisputed most bad ass rivalry trophy in college football. If you disagree, let us know and we'll call you gay, because there's not a lot of evidence to back up our claim and our debating abilities have remained freakishly stagnant since age 11.

Card Chronicle Challenge

Our Card Chronicle challenge of the week goes out to all University if Louisville football players. Whoever can make the Card Chronicle Sign (Two "C's" made with the hands placed next to each if you didn't know. Parents, it's what your kids mean when they say "CCS.") in front of the Keg of Nails on camera, we're going to give you a jumbo pack of Tropical Fruit Skittles.

Make this happen Preston Smith.

Peace, love, Cards.