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BlogPoll: Week Seven

As always you can check out our ballot here and all the ballots here.

  1. Ohio State: Texas trounces Oklahoma and Iowa routs Purdue. Are these guys really that good?
  2. Michigan: No Manningham and a wounded Hart makes things more interesting for Saturday night.
  3. Florida: A jump pass? Really? Alright, but if your name was Jimmy Rosenfelder then it wouldn't be cool.
  4. USC: That was like the Jedi mind shit.
  5. Texas: Alright sirs you have our attention.
  6. Tennessee: How pissed must the Volunteers be when they keep hearing people say "Texas' only loss was to Ohio State" when they're only loss was by one to Florida and they've beaten two top ten teams handily?
  7. Louisville: Someday you're going to realize that we did this because we love you.
  8. West Virginia: We wish Kevin Pittsnoggle had a little brother who played football...and that he sucked and would let us win.
  9. California: This year's biggest argument for pro-playoff people.
  10. Clemson: They don't really deserve to be here, but damnit no one does.
  11. Notre Dame: Your chance to do anything meaningful already came and went.
  12. Georgia Tech: So that's why not that many people are buying you guys.
  13. Iowa: Sadly Sept. 30 will be what ultimately defines this good team.
  14. Auburn: How can you only make a freshman QB throw the ball 10 times?
  15. LSU: Not the best team in the SEC.
  16. Oregon: Rubbing neosporin on all the cuts we suffered jumping off the bandwagon...and then getting hit by a kid riding a skateboard with spikes.
  17. Boise State: Who?
  18. Missouri: Alright, alright you're in, damn.
  19. Georgia: You may have just played your most impressive game of the season.
  20. Nebraska: Did they play?
  21. Oklahoma: They say three is a streak you know.
  22. Arkansas: Doesn't change how very average you were before Saturday.
  23. Rutgers: Average Sagarin rating of their opponents is 133, oh my God.
  24. Virginia Tech: You're not football....or not committing felonies.
  25. Washington: Man we really don't like these new clock rules. Has anybody talked about this?