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Men's NCAA Tourney in Final 8; USD Surprise team

Ahead of the quarterfinal round of the men's NCAA tournament starting this weekend, we go over the teams remaining in the tournament and their road to make it to the final eight.

11-13, UTEP Downs The Hurricane 64-55

Julian Washburn. Enough Said.

Okie Update: Oklahoma State Romps Alcorn State 69-36, Tulsa Downs Oral Roberts 65-57

If you don't follow me on twitter, you might not know that I'm out of my usual stomping grounds of Oklahoma during the biggest football week in the panhandle state - Bedlam. Therefore, I'm...

The Dig: Can't Wait for Happy Hour & UTEP vs. Tulsa Round 2 Edition

The Dig is your best UTEP and C-USA Round-Up.

Bowl Game Picks: Day 5

'Bowl Game Picks: Day 5' Patrick Evans (uofafanatic) of AZ Desert Swarm picks the winner of the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. Out of two prolific offenses, who will get the nod?

UofL men's soccer earns #1 overall seed in NCAA Tournament

Louisville men's soccer earns #1 overall seed in NCAAT, will host 2nd round match this Sunday at 7pm EST.

Detroit Shock are moving to Tulsa

It's Detroit, it's basketball, and they are owned by Karen Davidson -- only it's the WNBA. Three championships and the Shock are done in the city of Detroit (well, Auburn Hills). Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Previewing New Mexico’s Opponents: Tulsa Golden Hurricanes

This should be the best non conference game for New Mexico. Tulsa did beat BYU last year in Tulsa, which is where this game is and Tulsa could be an extreme dark horse to become a BCS qualifier. ...

2009 Boise State schedule tentatively finalized

Boise State has released a tentative schedule for next season, and there is no opening week Division I-AA opponent to be found. Doesn't feel right, does it? The final two pieces to the scheduling...

I will post a couple pics. Sorry my camera is not good at al. Would love a nice 10X optical zoom...


I will post a couple pics. Sorry my camera is not good at al. Would love a nice 10X optical zoom camera where i could change lenses and filters, but i don't have much extra cash... Dollar Beer night. You can get tickets for as cheap as $3, and it's not really hard to find free tickets. Beautiful weather, a light breeze and i'm guessing upper 60's, and still only about 1/3 of the stands are filled. Officially about 3,500 in attendance. Can't wait for the new stadium. No real in depth looks at player performances. I don't see radar gun readings. I don't score the game or anything. Sometimes I miss AB's and pitches getting beer and stuff. kiker wasn't very good last night, he did strike out 5 in 3.2 innings but gave up plenty of hits. only 1 run scored off him but it took him A LOT of pitches to not even get through 4 innings. thomas diamond looked terrible jones looked decent. he gave up a walk and 2 hits in his 1 inning but did get a couple strikeouts. laughter looked pretty sharp, but don't think that really matters. diaz was decently beastly, if not a hippo i'd say a rhino at the least. smoak wasn't impressive with the glove but was good at the plate. he hit a double that was nearly a home run. i cheered quite loudly as the double came late with a tie game. some guy close to me yelled, "hey friso fan!!" i look and he yells at me "boo!!". i just smile thinking that smoak is gonna come home and put frisco on top. sure enough he did. i look over at the guy and say nothing but give him a large grin. lemon reached on a leadoff bunt which was awesome. next batter then moved him on a sacrifice bunt. majewski got picked off at 3rd base which was annoying late in the game with the score tied. totally reminded me of ian kinsler. other than that, for a team that came back from behind 3-0 to win 4-3 there wasn't really anything all that memorable. tulsa was only able to score 3 runs off of 12 hits and 2 frisco errors. tulsa couldn't really capitalize. frisco let a lot of little things happen but didn't let things get out of reach.

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