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Mayock: Teddy Bridgewater Not A First Round Pick?


Mike Mayock has revised his rankings for the 2014 NFL Draft. To say his outlook on Teddy Bridgewater's prospects as an NFL QB have cooled a bit is a gross understatement. Read on for the how and...

"On The Clock" Mock Draft I: Texans Trading Down


Steve Shoup, draft guru and co-creator of Fanspeak.com has pumped out three uniquely-flavored mock drafts exclusively for us here at Battle Red Blog. He used Fanspeak's highly useful "On The Clock"...

An In-Depth Look At Teddy Bridgewater

"Bridgewater enters this draft class as one of the top-notch players and is looking to set the stage with a top 15 draft selection come this May. Here’s a deeper look into the character of Teddy...

Bridgewater vs Clowney: What If? Comparisons

Thanks to the hard work of the folks at Football Outsiders and What If Sports, I have devised an imperfect method of comparing the Clowney ceiling with the Bridgewater floor to see which version of...

NFL Network Analysts Leaning Towards Clowney


Check out Willie McGinest, Rod Woodson, and Charley Casserly's unsettling hair color opine on what the Texans should do with the top pick in the2014 NFL Draft.

Teddy Bridgewater Talks Football With Jon Gruden


Can you hear that? It's my heart tearing itself into pieces once again while trying to decide between Teddy Bridgewater, Khalil Mack, and Jadeveon Clowney. Bridgewater working the whiteboard with...

Bridgewater "Average At Best" In Pro Day Outing


Lots of negative buzz has come out in the last few hours surrounding Teddy Bridgewater's pro day. We have the full recap.

The Bill O’Brien Prototype: What To Expect At QB


Brett Kollmann breaks down what Bill O'Brien will be looking for from prospective quarterbacks this Spring while the Texans prepare for the 2014 NFL Draft.

Details Of Bridgewater - O'Brien Meeting Emerge


The Houston Chronicle's Jerome Solomon has made public the first details of Teddy Bridgewater's combine meeting with the Houston Texans.

Greg Cosell On Manziel, Bridgewater, Bortles


Noted draft pundit and film guru Greg Cosell has gone on record with his opinions for the three biggest quarterback prospects of 2014. Johnny Manziel fans may want to avert their eyes.

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