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Tulsa says no to Kragthorpe


UCONN UCONN UCONN Kragthorpe told me Tuesday night he talked with TU Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham, and was told he would not be under consideration to replace the departed Todd Graham. Kragthorpe said he wanted to interview, and should have been granted at least the courtesy to makwe a case for the job. According to the coach, he was denied. This is baffling. As I stated in the previous blog, all the reasons to consider Kragthorpe make sense. He saved the program. SAVED THE PROGRAM. And not even an interview? You must be kidding. Hey, I know this is a tough business, but is this the way TU should conduct its search. No interview? Ooch.

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

Kragthorpe stepping down at Texas A&M

Former University of Louisville football coach Steve Kragthorpe has stepped down as wide receivers coach at Texas A&M because of a family medical issue, the Dallas Morning News reported on its website. When Kragthorpe spoke to the Louisville media in November, he said his wife, Cynthia, had a medical condition and that was the reason the family was leaving Louisville immediately.

Remember the good times


This is quite the collector's item.

The Exclusive CC Interview with Charlie Strong

Robert Boland at The National Football Post put together an interesting hypothetical checklist that outlines the important questions that schools and athletic programs should think about when looking at potential coaching hires. Below is a snapshot of said checklist: School questions: 1. Does this candidate have experience running a program similar to ours? 2. If not, what in his background makes him attractive to us? 3. Rather than his won-loss record, did he make it better? 4. Does this candidate address any of the failings or weaknesses of the outgoing coach? Program questions: 8. What kind of football program should we be offensively and defensively? 9. If a coach doesn’t fit these styles currently, has he shown versatility in coaching or developing talent in other ways in the past? 10. Do we have any advantages or limitations in playing or recruiting certain types of players? If we are considering hiring a coach to make a change of style, do we have the ability to make it personnel-wise? 11. Does this candidate help with either extending our advantages or fixing our limitations? 12. How do our current players fit with this new system?

Kragthorpe's Fate at UofL discussed by "Point Taken" panel


On Wednesday, the guest writers of "Point Taken," an op-ed panel hosted by the L'ville Courier-Journal, take turns discussing Kragthorpe's fate at the University of Louisville.

The Kragthorpe Diaries (VI)


Courtesy: "The Smoking Musket "SBN blog

Crawford on why Gruden to U of L will never happen


I'm not sure there's anyone among us who thinks there's any more than a razor thin chance of Jon Gruden actually being the next head football coach at Louisville (I've already promised to wear a dress to Derby if it does), but I think it's the fact that Jurich is reportedly at least making an effort to go after him that has people so enthused. Regardless, here's EC telling you why this will never come to fruition.

Klein: Kragthorpe report "absolutely not true"


Brett McMurphy: A report that Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe has been informed he will not return next season is "absolutely not true," Louisville senior associate athletic director Kenny Klein told FanHouse. ... Klein said the report, which indicated an announcement would be made no later than next Monday, is "completely wrong information." "Tom Jurich and Coach Kragthorpe didn't even speak on Monday in person or by phone," Klein said.

Vido: Kragthorpe press conference


All the excitement of a Jarmusch, and none of the head squishing.

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