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RICKY P vs RICHIE P: The Clash of the Titans!

Wednesday night, we saw history in the making. Not only was this only the 7th "father vs son" coaching matchup in NCAA Basketball, but when the game was coming down to the wire, both coaches,...


Catbird Fan asks the "Toxic" Kentucky Question: Rick Pitino

FYI- this as posted earlier today on Kentucky’s SeaofBlue.com site I’ll start by saying that I am easily capable of respecting each person’s views on this controversial subject, as I would...

Bloggin' Rick Pitino's Back With Another Classic

Louisville's most famous blogger took to the keyboard once again on Thursday to talk about his recent 60th birthday and to update Cardinal fans on the status of their team. Highlights include Luke...

Akoy Agau Commits To Louisville

Omaha big man Ako Agau is the latest member of Louisville's' recruiting class of 2013.

Louisville No Longer Recruiting Cat Barber

Somewhat surprising news from the world of recruiting where word is all over the place that Louisville has stopped recruiting elite class of 2013 point guard Anthony "Cat" Barber. Barber, a...

Rick Pitino Talks Louisville's Schedule, Preseason Hype And Turning 60

Rick Pitino appeared on the Terry Meiners Show Wednesday evening to talk about is team's freshly-released 2012-13 schedule, what he thinks of the preseason hype, and how he felt about U of L's...

Bloggin' Rick Kick Back: Pitino Gives New Summer Update On Players' Progress

Armed with a fresh intro video and some brand new music, Bloggin' Rick Pitino took to his website on Wednesday to update Cardinal fans on his players' progress after their first three sessions of...

Rick Pitino Interested In Coaching Team USA


Louisville head coach Rick Pitino has reportedly expressed a "strong interest" in becoming the next coach of Team USA.

Bloggin' Rick Recaps Practice, Uses "BTW" and "jk"


Because he's the hero Louisville deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll read him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A...

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