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Anton Gill is a Five-Star Prospect


Honestly, this looked like a good get at first, but I think it's obvious that the kid needs his dues. This is one to celebrate.

Gabbert to now visit UCF


Brandon Bender is incorrigible.

2012 Top Hoops Recruits Summary


Sadly, we are only mentioned as a long shot to land Gary Harris and as losing out on Purvis. This article also makes the glaring omission of one recruit known as Sir Chicken Knowles. Yeah, that's right. I knighted him. Take that Jody Demling.

Chicken Knowles Rises into Rivals150


Remember when I said that I thought that he would be a good backup plan if NO ONE commits and nothing more? I'm eating my words. Knowles checks in at number 58. Danuel House, another Louisville prospect, has risen all the way to no. 26 and five star status. Possible commits (not at all probable, though) Shabazz Muhammad and Andre Drummond are 1-2 in the rankings.

Smith-Rivera focused on five

"Texas, UCLA, Georgetown, Xavier, Louisville," he said. "That’s my top five." Smith-Rivera has also visited Michigan State, but he is not focused on the Spartans. "I want to decide at the end of the summer," Smith-Rivera said. "As of right now, who knows? There’s no favorite."

DaMarcus Smith, "Mentors," and a Louisville-UCF Cease Fire


Good stuff from our man, Mengus. Second, let's all agree to stop portraying this as a recruiting victory of UCF over Louisville that somehow spawned angry Louisville based media attacks on UCF. DaMarcus Smith listened to the people around him, and perhaps felt he had no choice. At no point has DaMarcus portrayed his recruiting decision as a freely made choice based upon the merits of UCF. I know that judging from my Twitter feed that people think I have an irrational hatred for UCF, but I really don't. I grew up in Tampa. I went to a UCF game in the Citrus Bowl when Duante Culpepper was the only player they had worth speaking of. I think UCF is on the fast track toward BCS membership in the Big East and will be a great member. I've said it all on the record now so that people won't be tempted to think that a schtick on Twitter is serious. It's not. It is entirely conceivable that DaMarcus Smith traveled to Orlando, visited the (now almost mythical thanks to Brandon Bender) UCF campus, met with George O'Leary and the players, and decided that he'd rather play for UCF. If there was any indication that such a thing had occurred, I would, as a fan of Smith's (I watched him play four times this year and remain hopeful that he stars at the college level, even at UCF) and of Louisville, readily admit that the Knights had won the battle for the kid's heart fair and square. That, sadly, has not happened here and it's time for Louisville fans to stop attacking UCF as if it had anything to do with it and for UCF fans to stop gloating over landing Smith as if you landed him at Louisville's expense in a fair fight. DaMarcus Smith will enroll at UCF and suit up in the fall because the people around him made him feel as if he had no other choice.

Pitino Meets with Kevin Ware in ATL

"We talked with Coach Pitino and it went well," said Ware’s stepfather, Wesley Junior. "He let Kevin know how he thought he could improve his game and what it would be like to play for Louisville, stuff like that. Coach Pitino think he has the potential be a really good player in college, and he’d like it to be at Louisville. Kevin really liked what he heard." Ware had said previously that Louisville was his frontunner, but both UGA and Central Florida have made major strides within the last week. South Carolina also may be jumping into the sweepstakes with a scholarship offer as early as Monday, while UCLA has expressed some interest.

Was wandering around and saw this... Telling???


Creepy, I know, but what do we have to do now besides look to the future? I also watched mixtapes of Wayne and Chane. Wayne is nasty and Chane goes HARD in the paint (unlike Sumarshmellow Samuels did). Another thing I like about Chane is that he doesn't beat on his chest or try to show anyone up even after he makes a sick dunk or move.

Louisville pulls Jerrell Moore's scholly


Jerrell Moore was my favorite pick up before Rogers committed. Looks like Charlie wants guys who are committed to us 100%.

DeAntre Rhodes ineligible


According to Demar Dorsey's twitter...which is already garnering a great deal of Pulitzer buzz. Dang! My main man DeAntre Rhodes aint gonna make it to Da Ville dis year. I am prayin I can play sum ball dis year there!

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