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An open letter to Steve Kragthorpe

                                                           Bumped Dear Steve, After reading the last few columns about you in the newspaper, and watching your press conference, I cannot help but...

Crawford on why Gruden to U of L will never happen


I'm not sure there's anyone among us who thinks there's any more than a razor thin chance of Jon Gruden actually being the next head football coach at Louisville (I've already promised to wear a dress to Derby if it does), but I think it's the fact that Jurich is reportedly at least making an effort to go after him that has people so enthused. Regardless, here's EC telling you why this will never come to fruition.

NFL Network: Jon Gruden is top target for Louisville job


We've all heard it, but now a member of the national media is actually putting his name behind it. The NFL Network's Michael Lombardi is reporting this evening that should U of L opt to part ways...

Tuberville talks Louisville

Comment From Sullivan Carew] Hey Coach- Can you clear up these L'Ville rumors? [Comment From Tommy Tuberville] Well, that's all they are is rumors right now. I do hope to get back in coaching but I don't wish anyone any ill will in terms of losing games. Things will start happening in another month -- this is still too early. What I read is: "Ive been contacted by U of L and will talk about it once Steve Kragthorpe is officially done."

Klein: Kragthorpe report "absolutely not true"


Brett McMurphy: A report that Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe has been informed he will not return next season is "absolutely not true," Louisville senior associate athletic director Kenny Klein told FanHouse. ... Klein said the report, which indicated an announcement would be made no later than next Monday, is "completely wrong information." "Tom Jurich and Coach Kragthorpe didn't even speak on Monday in person or by phone," Klein said.

Wikipedia has some breaking news


Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information. Just in case you can't see, at...

Jeff Jagodzinski is a candidate for the Louisville job


Former Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski is apparently a legit candidate to be Louisville's head football coach next season. A source has told Card Chronicle that third parties...

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