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2011-12 LCPT Final Four: Karl Hess Vs. John Calipari


Matt Jones vs. Doug Gottlieb is still too close to call with about 24 hours left to go, but it's now time to begin the process of seeing who the winner of that bout will square off against in the...

Lexington Herald-Leader Cartoon Blasts Calipari


Apparently jealous of all the negative attention The Courier-Journal has been getting from Louisville's head football and basketball coaches, the Herald-Leader made the move to run this cartoon...

Louisville Magazine: The Passion Of Pitino


There's an interesting(?) cartoon in this month's Louisville Magazine centered around Rick Pitino and John Calipari that has started to get some people talking. It's fairly bizarre, but you can...

Rick Pitino And John Calipari Talk At High School Game


Louisville head coach Rick Pitino and Kentucky head coach John Calipari were both in attendance at Butler High school Tuesday night to watch class of 2013 star Derek Willis of Bullitt East. The two...

Rick Pitino talks Louisville basketball and John Calipari (sort of)


Rick Pitino appeared on The Early Birds Show with Drew Deener this morning, and gave a lengthy interview filled with a bevy of goodies for U of L basketball fans. The sexiest exchange, however,...

Kentucky Fans


But seriously, calm down.

Rick Pitino on John Calipari: "I ignore the jealous"


This is unbelievably good. You knew Rick Pitino wouldn't wait forever. Turns out he couldn't even wait a couple of days. In response to Kentucky head coach John Calipari stating earlier this week...

John Calipari won't acknowledge that Louisville is in Kentucky


Cross-posted at SBNation.com With less than two weeks to go before college basketball teams throughout the country begin practicing, the sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant war of words between...

Wednesday morning news and notes


"My wife won't stop begging me to send this picture..." OK, Jerry. I'm sure in five minutes your co-workers are already going to be sick of hearing about this. If we're gonna do this - if we're...

Your least cool person of 2010-2011...


Thanks to a 12-month douchiness Bender, Brandon is your least cool person of 2010-2011 (Nantz). The final count was 665 (61%) to 408 (38%), but I would like to take a moment and praise now...

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