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The Laurent Robinson Trade And Its Aftermath


The Atlanta Falcons traded wide receiver Laurent Robinson to the St. Louis Rams, but The Falcoholic is puzzled by the move.

A Very Falcoholic Discussion: The Need For A Need Based Draft


The Falcoholic opens up discussion on a need-based draft philosophy, which the Atlanta Falcons seem to have subscribed to for 2009.

The Falcons Should Pursue Free Agent Receiver D.J. Hackett


The Falcoholic advocates signing wide receiver D.J. Hackett on the cheap. The oft-injured wideout could provide value for the Atlanta Falcons in the year ahead.

Falcons and Saints Recap: Losing Ain't Easy


A tough loss for the Atlanta Falcons, who are hanging on to their playoff hopes with a thin strand of magic dreams.

Falcons and Chargers Recap: The Win Is The Thing


A even-headed examination of the Atlanta Falcons, who now sit at 8-4 and are looking toward the playoffs.

Falcons Ink New Deals With Mike Jenkins, Jon Babineaux


For much of the year, the focus has been on how well the Falcons have made their present situation a sunny one. On Tuesday, they took a step toward securing that future by locking up a couple...

Falcons vs. Panthers Recap: Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory


One Falcons fan's examination of the team's current situation. He is grateful at what he finds.

Roddy White Sits Out His Second Practice Of The Week


The mere mention of a Roddy White injury causes me to burst into tears, so this back bruise business has me throwing a hysterical fit. Mind you, Rowdy Roddy is still pretty likely to play against...

Falcons and Broncos Recap: Birds Get Trampled


It was bound to happen sooner or later. The Falcons played a pretty flat game of football yestserday. The Broncos, not exactly konwn for their defensive prowess, shut down the run for much of the...

Adam Jennings Released By Atlanta Falcons


The Falcons answer the hopes of the fanbase, cutting punt returner Adam Jennings. Here's a joyful reaciton.

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