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Gabi Garcia Tests Positive, Stripped of Title


Women's BJJ powerhouse Gabi Garcia failed a drug test from the IBJJF 2013 Worlds and has been stripped of her medals, but it might not be what you think.


TRT, PEDs, Crappy Training and some comparison to Rugby and Boxing.

As interesting as the discussions about TRT and steroids are there is a significantly wider issue not being addressed which I have mentioned in the comments a few times and flagged on forums. What...


Blood, Sweat & Steroids...

The gym is as quiet as the grave. In the changing room the lime-scale encrusted shower head trickles and drizzles like an open wound that won’t heal. The fighter peels down his shorts to expose the...

Prayers for Spring Break


My speech to the team before they take off on Spring Break, with hopes everyone is safe and smart in their decisions during their week of freedom. It applies to all of our students and athletes, of...

Matt Riddle suspicious of failed drug test


Former UFC welterweight, Matt Riddle, discusses his unexpected release from the UFC, smoking habits, Dan Hardy and career future in this detailed interview.

The end of Lance Armstrong


For the better part of a decade, it's looked an awful lot like seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong was doping. And for 10 years his fans, inspired by Armstrong's successful fight...

Lesbian wrestler Stephany Lee kicked off Olympic team for smoking pot


Stephany Lee, right, and her wife, Brigg McDonald Stephany Lee, an openly lesbian wrestler who married her partner a day after qualifying...

Jake Gyllenhaal is murderous cracked-out fencer in 'Time to Dance' video


Jake Gyllenhaal, he who earned a cult gay following for his role in Brokeback Mountain, stars in a new music video for 'Time To Dance' by The Shoes. In the bizarre video he plays a fencer (or a guy...

Gay Games ban random drug testing


It seems that cooler heads have prevailed as the Federation of Gay Games has voted, 48-4, to permanently ban across-the-board random drug testing at the Games. From Roger Brigham of the Bay Area...

The case against Gay Games drug testing


Many competing at the Gay Games in Cologne starting next weekend could get a shock when they are asked to submit to a random drug test. Former FGG president Gene Dermody was once an advocate of...

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