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DaMarcus Smith vs. Brandon Bender


I know this is a storyline we were all sick of five months ago, but seeing these two - who once referred to each other as "family" - going at it on Twitter has been sort of surreal. First, there...

DaMarcus Smith a no-show at UCF camp


Yeah, I'm gonna have to say no comment. O'Leary was asked when he expects to hear a definitive answer regarding Smith's eligibility. "I hope pretty soon," O'Leary said. "I hope to get it done...

DaMarcus Smith, "Mentors," and a Louisville-UCF Cease Fire


Good stuff from our man, Mengus. Second, let's all agree to stop portraying this as a recruiting victory of UCF over Louisville that somehow spawned angry Louisville based media attacks on UCF. DaMarcus Smith listened to the people around him, and perhaps felt he had no choice. At no point has DaMarcus portrayed his recruiting decision as a freely made choice based upon the merits of UCF. I know that judging from my Twitter feed that people think I have an irrational hatred for UCF, but I really don't. I grew up in Tampa. I went to a UCF game in the Citrus Bowl when Duante Culpepper was the only player they had worth speaking of. I think UCF is on the fast track toward BCS membership in the Big East and will be a great member. I've said it all on the record now so that people won't be tempted to think that a schtick on Twitter is serious. It's not. It is entirely conceivable that DaMarcus Smith traveled to Orlando, visited the (now almost mythical thanks to Brandon Bender) UCF campus, met with George O'Leary and the players, and decided that he'd rather play for UCF. If there was any indication that such a thing had occurred, I would, as a fan of Smith's (I watched him play four times this year and remain hopeful that he stars at the college level, even at UCF) and of Louisville, readily admit that the Knights had won the battle for the kid's heart fair and square. That, sadly, has not happened here and it's time for Louisville fans to stop attacking UCF as if it had anything to do with it and for UCF fans to stop gloating over landing Smith as if you landed him at Louisville's expense in a fair fight. DaMarcus Smith will enroll at UCF and suit up in the fall because the people around him made him feel as if he had no other choice.

DaMarcus Smith: "It wasn't truly my decision"


From WHAS: This whole thing is...gross. I would wager a significant amount of money that Mr. Smith does not finish his playing career at the University of Central Florida.

DaMarcus Smith will enroll at Central Florida


Though he asked George O'Leary for a release from his letter-of-intent (O'Leary said no) and has stated repeatedly for the last two months that he will play for Louisville, it now appears DaMarcus...


New York Times Article: Pete Thamel uncovers UCF, Brandon Bender and an ex-con

Looks like our suspicions were right all along! Check out page three. Seems like Bender and UCF have some explaining to do. Hopefully D. Smith will get his release and be able to become a Card. I...

DaMarcus Smith officially asks out of his letter of intent


Times are tough. Folks are down. We need something to smile about. When this scenario is in play we, of course, look to...the DaMarcus Smith saga. At least it's a distraction. DaMarcus Smith is our...

O'Leary: DaMarcus Smith still "100% a Knight"


Well, the man does have a flawless track record in the honesty department. For the past two weeks, Kentucky fan websites and media outlets have been posting rumors four-star Louisville Seneca...

Smith: Bridgewater had nothing to do with decision


After this post I'm going to leave the DaMarcus Smith saga in the CC rear view mirror forever because neither he nor any recruit deserves this much attention, but I can't lie and say that I don't...

DaMarcus Smith officially heading to Central Florida


Former Louisville commit DaMarcus Smith officially announced at a press conference Friday afternoon that he will sign (or has already signed...or something) with Central Florida. I still don't...

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