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Victor Anderson named Big East Rookie of the Year


Vic Anderson became the first Louisville player to be named Big East Rookie of the Year when he was honored with the distinction Wednesday morning. The St. Xavier High School product led the...

Cincinnati players broke the Keg of Nails


I'm going to be completely upfront with you: you should not watch this video. The Green Mile, Field of Dreams, Flubber and Tapping the Keg of Nails: the only four moving pictures that have ever...

UC says no disrespect intended against Cardinal logo


Yet again, we're the ones who come out of this situation looking foolish. This time it was Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe and several of his players who were offended because the Bearcats gathered at midfield, held hands in a circle around the logo and said a pre-game prayer, as they do at midfield before every road game. UC coach Brian Kelly said Saturday that Kragthorpe "confronted" him about it before the game. "It turned into a situation where a couple of their players came down onto the field and had to be restrained by some of their players," Kelly said. "Steve and I talked about it before the game. We disagreed about the manner in which it was handled but kept it professional and moved on. ... The pregame prayer is a ritual that UC has been following for two years. After the team bus pulls up to the stadium, the players and coaches get off the bus, walk onto the field, and the players say a prayer at mid-field. "Everything that we do, every day we talk about respecting our opponent," Kelly said. "We're not going to taunt. I'm not going to tolerate that kind of behavior from our football team. It's talked about every day. It's just unfortunate the way it was perceived." If you're going to get worked up about something so completely ridiculous, the least you could do would be to win the game.

Cincinnati 28, Louisville 20


It's gross outside and I don't have a sporting event to look forward to today, so I'm going to shelve the initial positivity. With all due respect to Cincinnati - a team that will almost certainly...

Game Day: Louisville vs. Cincinnati


LOUISVILLE CARDINALS (5-4, 1-3) vs. CINCINNATI BEARCATS (7-2, 3-1) Game Time: 8 p.m. Location: Papa John's Cardinal Stadium: Louisville, Ky. Television: ESPN2 Announcers: Sean...

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