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Video: Brohm, Cantwell and Froman work out


via WLKY Former UofL Quarterbacks Staying Fresh During NFL Lockout

Brohm holds slim lead

The Green Bay Packers don't know exactly when it's going to click in for rookie quarterback Brian Brohm, and for that matter neither does Brohm. But three weeks before the season opener, all parties are hoping it happens soon. As of Monday night, Brohm is holding off rookie Matt Flynn for the backup job behind starter Aaron Rodgers, despite completing just 46% of his passes and posting a 41.0 passer rating during the exhibition season.

Brohm less than stellar in pro debut


If Brian Brohm ends up being a productive player in the NFL, then his first professional snap will forever be utilized as a humorous anecdote. If he doesn't, then it will likely be viewed as an...

Michael Bush is back


Making his professional debut and playing for the first time in nearly two years, Michael Bush accounted for 56 total yards and a touchdown while leading Oakland to an 18-6 victory over San...

What to read while wildebeest try to overcome their sullied television reputation


Every nature documentary ever made has had at least five minutes devoted to wildebeest getting absolutely destroyed. Just once I'd like to see a group of wildebeest team up and take out a rhino or...

Who hates Louisville? Week of Aug. 1


There is a part of me - the same one which can't understand the attraction of expensive cars and tolerates the pace of Jim Jarmusch films - that loathes the Internet. On multiple occasions, people...

Training campin' with former Cards


Teaching us how to alter every noun into a verb is woman's greatest accomplishment over the past five years. Man's greatest accomplishment over the same time span: the song "Bust it Baby Part 2"...

Brohm signs with Green Bay


Word is somewhere around the neighborhood of four years, $3.5 mil.

Brian Brohm: The Game I'll Never Forget


Brian actually left out the most amazing part of the story, that the kid who had the 201 yards receiving and three touchdowns was actually considered obese by modern medical standards. How that fat ass managed to outrun Michael Bush, the world will never know.

What to read while absolute Olympic failure looms


I don't care how much coin you made, it wasn't worth it, IOC. Chris Dominguez has continued his assault on the Cape Cod League over the last couple of weeks, and has been named the starting...

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