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Setting the record straight on Bobby Gonzalez

Time to set the record straight on Bobby Gonzalez

Game 25: Seton Hall 59, St. John's 50

(photo by Red Storm Sports) In many ways, this win will be hard to get over. Not only did they lose to the rival Pirates. Not only did they lose to the rival Seton Hall at home. Not only did they...

Game 25: St. John's vs. Seton Hall Pirates

Ambiance: Andrea True Connection, More, More More (video link, pops up in a new window) Game Information Listen/ See: Andrea True Connection, More, More MoreTip Off: 7:30 PM, Wednesday, February 17V...

St. John's vs. Seton Hall: 5 Questions with GonzoBall

Before the Seton Hall/ St. John's hoops matchup, the second set of 5 Question posts in anticipation for this Wednesday’s game against rival Seton Hall (again, see the pregame post on Johnny...

St. John's vs Seton Hall: 5 Questions with Setonia

In anticipation for this Wednesday's basketball game against rival Seton Hall (see the pregame post on Johnny Jungle, and check back here for pregame media and notes) - the kind of game that sparks...

Ex-Seton Hall Coach Bobby Gonzalez Charged with Shoplifting

Bobby Gonzalez made an ugly exit from Seton Hall after this past season. His final game will be remembered for Herb Pope punching another player below the belt. Gonzalez himself will probably be...

Bobby Gonzalez Not Creating a Big Fan Club

The New York Times has a trio of pieces today on current Seton Hall hoops coach Bobby Gonzalez. The short version: he's not very popular. ↵ ↵There are three pieces to read: the first on...


I can't post them on here (something about writing on copies, I don't get it), but I'm begging you to click the link above and fully savor pics one and three.

Least Cool Person of 2009-2010 Tournament: Karen Sypher vs. Bobby Gonzalez

We're drifting dangerously near the time where the '09-'10 sports season becomes nothing more than an afterthought, so let's try to get through this quickly. Here's your first matchup: 3. KAREN...

Bobby Gonzalez and the case of the missing designer satchel

Former Seton Hall men's basketball coach Bobby Gonzalez surrendered to Millburn (N.J.) authorities yesterday in response to an arrest warrant issued for allegedly shoplifting a designer satchel (h/t: Steve Politi for that link) from The Mall at Short HIlls. The Star-Ledger has even more lurid details on the incident. A few, brief thoughts: 1. As awkward and funny as this story appears, all the facts haven't yet been established in a court of law. However, it fits into a pattern of behavior that, frankly, depicts Mr. Gonzalez as an oddball. It still boggles the mind why he would intentionally make so many enemies in the press and with the Seton Hall administration, and I say that as someone who was more sympathetic to Gonzalez than most. What allegedly happened comes off as a cry for help. 2. Didn't Seton Hall's brief from a while back say that Gonzalez still lived in Westchester County? I guess those New York state sales taxes really are a killer. Going to Short Hills as opposed to, say, malls one through infinity in Paramus clearly indicates that Gonzalez has a taste for luxury goods. Needless to say, there is absolutely no truth at all to the vicious rumor now floating around that Fred Hill Jr. has been quietly working the register at Menlo's Sunglass Hut for past two months. Update: Adam Zagoria links this thread from Seton Hall's Rivals board, supposedly from Bobby's sister Linda. She actually had restarted her blog as of a month ago, and is as animated as ever.

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