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Breaking Down Big East Television Negotiations

As you all probably know, the negotiation window for the Big East conference with ESPN ends next Wednesday. The general consensus is "screw ESPN." Here is a rundown of each station for the Big...


Louisville should take note of new SEC-Big 12 bowl

Some pretty good insight from Eric Crawford today about a new New Years Day "bowl" that would pit the winners of the SEC and Big 12 against each other (a la the Rose Bowl). Why do we care? ...

Big East Commissioner John Marinatto Steps Down

Surprising news out of Providence this morning as Big East commissioner John Marinatto has "stepped down" from his post after just three years on the job. "Stepped down" is in quotes because many...

Louisville possess' one attribute which will see them through conference realignment

Interesting take on Lousiville's past, present & future from the same site that said UK would block UofL from joining the SEC.

John Marinatto speaks following Big East presidents meeting

Brian Ewart of VUHoops.com has the scoop. After the meeting broke up, Big East commissioner John Marinatto made the following statements: "The presidents voted unanimously to authorize the...

Is Bozich on crack?

Apparently he thinks the Big East should voluntarily surrender their BCS bid this year. Never mind that, as he mentions, we've won 3 of our last 5 BCS games, we should let the big boys handle this one. From what i can deduce, his only reasoning is that it will garner respect from the other leagues. Right, Rick, I'm sure they wouldn't pounce on that as another opportunity to say we don't deserve an automatic bid. I'm sure the ACC was trying to give up their bid during their down years, we probably just don't know about it. I'm not a Bozich-hater, but this is potentially the dumbest and least-thought-out article ever. If he has nothing better to do than stir the pot, I've lost some respect for the man. Surely he can't really believe this.

Berry Tramel: Big XII should add BYU, Louisville

I want some of what this guy is smoking. The Big XII would be a football upgrade for the Cards, but a huge drop in roundball. The Big East, its BCS standing enhanced with the addition of TCU, is the place for Louisville.

Three Big East Teams Receive No.1 Seeds

At one point during the season the experts were saying that the Big East could get as many as nine teams in the Big Dance. Well, that did not happen, but for the seven teams that got in they were all rewarded with at least a No.6 seed. Watch out for Chattanooga, this year's Cinderella team - that was a joke.


Syracuse has made another unbelievable run for their 14th appearace in the BIG EAST championship final, which is a conference record. Louisville is seeking its first ever BIG EAST championship (albeit in only their fourth year in the league). Tonight at 9:00pm EST on ESPN these two teams will duke it out on the court for the title of BIG EAST Champions. The Cardinals of course have already won the regular season outright, and look to take both trophies home to Louisville. .... http://www.straitpinkie.com/sports/cards/the-pinkie-previews-syracuse-louisville-breakdown/

Preview of Villanova Semifinal

Villanova’s four seniors have already became the winningest class in school history, now they look to take out the top-seed Cardinals and advance to the the BIG EAST Championship, a feat that will no doubt boost their NCAA Tourney seed. Louisville on the other hand is hoping to get a win to push them one more victory from a sweep of the regular and postseason BIG EAST Championships. Some believe just appearing in the Tourney final will be enough for Louisville to earn a one seed, but ... http://www.straitpinkie.com/sports/cards/preview-big-east-semi-villanova-louisville-breakdown/

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