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Final 2011 CC Bracket Challenge Standings


Only four participants correctly tabbed the Connecticut Huskies as national champions, but it was "gwr-man" who can call himself Top Dog, winning the CC Bracket Challenge by 20 points. This was...

Butler or Connecticut: Who are you pulling for?


Louisville is the only team in the country to have beaten both of the teams playing in tonight's national championship game, defeating the duo of Butler and Connecticut a total of three times by a...

Final Four Open Thread


One of the best nights on the sports calendar. I'm taking VCU over Butler, 74-70. And Kentucky (dammit) over Connecticut, 75-68. Enjoy(?) the evening.

The man of the night


I watched the first Kentucky/Connecticut game with a large group of friends (people were home for Thanksgiving), and we must have rewound and watched this guy at least four times. Uploaded with I...

Pitino the highest paid coach in the 2011 NCAA Tournament


These stats were compiled by USA Today. The  dollar figures in the last four columns, in order from left to right, are bonus, total pay, non-university pay, and salary. L...

Speak comfort to me, Jacob


I HAVE NONE TO GIVE. I start to feel like I can't maintain the facade any longer, that I may just start to show through. And I wish I knew what was wrong. Maybe something about how stupid my whole...

Thursday night basketball open thread


Here's what we're working with this evening: Bellarmine vs. Minnesota State (6 p.m./CBS College Sports) 2. San Diego State vs. 3. Connecticut (7:15/CBS) 2. Florida vs. 3. BYU (7:27/TBS) 1. Duke...

Do you have a problem with Rick Pitino's television gig?


Today, ESPN announced that Rick Pitino will be working as an in-studio analyst for its coverage of the NCAA Tournament games on Thursday and Friday. Following U of L's first round loss to Morehead...

CC Bracket Challenge Standings: Sweet 16 Edition


By Sweet 16, we mean there's probably only 16 of you with a mathematical chance to win this contest now. The current standings and scoring details are posted below. For reference, last year's...

Morehead State 62, Louisville 61


The only thing I could think about once the "my God, that happened" haze wore off in the wake of Thursday's loss was the end of Unforgiven, the ultimate anti-Western film featuring the ultimate...

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