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Duke-Butler Delivers for CBS


If indeed this was the last March Madness Tournament to be shown exclusively on over-the-air TV, Duke's last-second win over Butler gave CBS a nice parting gift -- the most watched championship...

The Butler Almost Did It.


Then David put his hand in his bag and took out a stone; and he slung it and struck the Philistine in his forehead, so that the stone sank into his forehead, and he fell on his face to the...

March Madness: Has Cinderella Overstayed Her Welcome?


The Sweet 16 brackets don't look all that sweet to CBS executives as they look at their draw filled with bracket -- and potential ratings -- busters. With all the dramatic finishes and the upsets,...

Place Your Bets, Gentlemens


First, if you're not reading Fading Las Vegas or March to March, you're missing out on the best college basketball prognostication available in the free market. The vast bulk of Kevin Berger's...

A Wake Before The Funeral


What happens when a stoppable force meets a movable object? We'll find out on March 18th. Meet Wake Forest. This game will be watching drunks trying to brawl. Neither belligerent will land a...

2010 NCAA Tournament Results: Looking Back At Cinderella


With the 2011 NCAA Tournament tipping off in earnest tomorrow morning, the time has come to look back at the 2010 NCAA Tournament and determine how many Cinderellas have been invited to this year's...

UofL men's soccer earns #1 overall seed in NCAA Tournament


Louisville men's soccer earns #1 overall seed in NCAAT, will host 2nd round match this Sunday at 7pm EST.

One Shining Moment: The Luther Vandross Remix


↵ ↵ ↵ ↵What would Monday night have looked like without Jennifer Hudson and with more of the actual top moments and teams of the tournament? What would it have sounded like with Luther...

Picking Up The Pieces From Monday Night's Duke-Butler Title Game


There's a lot of random nuggets floating around from Monday night's great title game, so here are the few you might've missed. ↵ ↵Jon Scheyer overshares after the title game: ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ...

That Was Not My One Shining Moment


In the face of cynicism, I've always been a fan of the sappy "One Shining Moment" song/montage that closes the NCAA Tournament. This season CBS created a new version with Jennifer Hudson. This ......

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