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Arizona Breakdown


It's not the power conference team most expected Louisville to meet this evening, but let's take a deeper look at the only thing standing between the Cardinals and a second straight trip to the...

The next four days should be tremendous


You could see this coming a month ago. The relative lack of strength of the mid-major conferences this season has left the NCAA Tournament with just one double-digit seed in the round of 16: No....

Louisville 74, Morehead State 54


I think we all had a pretty good idea of how the second half was going to play out, but I don't believe anyone who says they weren't freaking out at least a little bit during the 15 minutes of...

NCAA Tournament late afternoon session open thread


Well, the Matadors did their part and kept things interesting enough to salvage the first session. It's time for things to pick up a little bit as four games tip in today's second slate of...

NCAA Tournament early session open thread


I'm here live at Card Chronicle Headquarters where the weather is gorgeous and the wireless screwy. The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. Your soundtrack: Your schedule: 8) LSU vs....

Morehead State breakdown


I'm well aware that this will be the most skimmed over NCAA Tournament breakdown of all-time, and that's OK. The dance is here, Louisville is the No. 1 overall seed; nothing can bring me down. For...

March Madness...ugh


The annual ode to the best postseason in sports and dig at the worst Wouldn't it be great if today's game between Butler and LSU didn't mark the beginning of a month-long tournament that...

It's the Eagles or the Hornets


  I'd really like to be able to cheer wholly for Morehead tonight, but it's sort of an odd feeling to pull for a team that you hope will be pummeled three days later. True story: I made my...

Selection Sunday open thread


So this weekend was OK. Let's go ahead and cap it off with the best Sunday of the calendar year. I'll still be surprised if Carolina doesn't get the top overall seed, but I can't see the...

Big East Tournament live blog: 8) Providence vs. 16) Depaul


The first round of the Big East Tournament was one of my favorite days on the basketball calendar even during the years Louisville was running around in the Metro and C-USA. Obviously the second...

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