Dumervil getting all kinds of love in Denver


Tebow is great and all, but you have to love how Elvis is contributing to the Mile High Miracle.

Peyton and Gorgui Get Some Love in The Sporting News


I didn't think any good national coverage would come out of this game, no matter how well we played or how much we beat Memphis by, but the Sporting News has made me look like a bad thinker. Best all-around PG in the country? I agree with your call, sir.

CBS' Gary Parrish will brick roll you


In his weekly Weekend Look Ahead column, Parrish bills this rivalry game as the top game of the weekend. And yeah, he uses that link.

Several Cardinals Named to Big East All-Freshman Team


Take a look! We've got a few freshman listed on both sides of the ball, showing just how well our freshmen played for us this year.

Joe Lunardi Early Bracket


and we are a 2 seed. I'll take it. For now.

Famed Louisville lineman graduates Friday


Pretty cool to know that I'll be in the same ceremony as an NFL lineman; a winner of three Super Bowls and four-time Pro Bowl selection.

Short Shorts | Card Shout


New painting for the Memphis State game. Embrace the Short Shorts, Knee High Socks and Mini Feathered Bird Fro.

ESPN Dubs Louisville 2012 Big East Favorite


Sadly, this one is non-embeddable (word), but check out a couple of guys whose names I'm too lazy to look up had to say about the 2012 Cards.

ESPN Roundtable does not trust the Cards


Ok, I know that we're all questioning whether we're really a Top-10 team at this point too. But are we really more worthy of being singled out for this distinction (least-trusted Top-15 team) than, say, Pitt? Missouri? Baylor? Wisconsin? How many NBA-caliber players do the Badgers have on their roster? (I've seen Peyton listed ahead of Jordan Taylor in draft rankings). I suppose I just get tired of hearing that we have a home-heavy non-conference schedule (true of most of the Top 15, and we're not the worst offenders), that we don't have enough bona fide NBA players (remains to be seen, and we have a number of borderline guys), or that we don't have enough quality wins (sorry, but @ Butler, Vandy, LBSU, and Ohio all look pretty decent to me). So if they want to make a new argument, fine. Say that we've had too many injuries (particularly the Blackshear injury) and that our offensive ability is too limited. Point out that we've been pretty lucky with FT% defense so far. But I'm tired of hearing the same arguments (home-heavy schedule, lack of quality wins, NBA talent) that are not applied consistently to other teams in the Top 15.

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