Bengals waive Urrutia


This makes me sad. Tight end Matt Sherry from Villanova, receiver Mario Urrutia from Louisville, quarterback Billy Farris from Colorado State and long snapper James Smith from Florida were waived. Sherry was a sixth-round pick last year and spent the entire season on injured reserve with a shoulder injury. Urrutia was a seventh-round pick last year and spent the season on the practice squad. Farris and Smith were signed as free agents after the April draft.

Crawford: UofL Sports Shining Bright Across Spectrum


A great look at the current mind-blowingly successful state of UofL sports, obscured by one big money sport's struggles. Here is my favorite quote: "In the past five years, only two NCAA schools have participated in a Bowl Championship Series game, Final Fours in men's and women's basketball and a College World Series: LSU and UofL."

Congrats on NY TImes mention of Card Chronicle


Too bad most everything else in there is honest/negative.

Kragthorpe signs JuCo safety


Welcome aboard, Terence Simien. The 6-3, 200 lbs. safety out of San Mateo (Calif.) Community College picked the Cards over Indiana.

Jodie Meeks staying in the draft


A likeable guy and a hell of a player...good riddance.

Ralph Willard coming to assist Pitino, not take over


Comforting stuff from Bozich: Willard was not fired by Holy Cross. He could have stayed forever. But Willard said the challenges of mid-major coaching had become more daunting. He has survived prostate cancer and open-heart surgery. Willard and Pitino have debated this move nearly every summer. "We've always talked about doing something special," Willard said. "Now is the time to do it."

Scottie Reynolds Withdraws from Draft


Scottie Reynolds has withdrawn his name from the draft and is coming back for his senior year. Crap nuggets.

New NCAA rules


So-the NCAA will roll out 3 new rules for the 09-10 basketball season. The first two are great, the third...not so much. "So now we have new rules. Three, in fact. The first: Referees can now look at instant replay to determine flagrant fouls and ejections. Good rule. The second: When a free throw shooter is injured, the opposing coach must now select one of the team's players from the four on court. (Previously, the team's own coach could sub in anyone he wanted.) Another good rule. The third? Bad rule: Secondary defenders must establish position outside the area between the backboard and the front of the rim to draw a charge call."

Pitino is leaving . . . . . . AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


GOODNESS. GRACIOUS. PEOPLE. How many times does Rick Pitino have to say he is NOT leaving Louisville and that this is where he will retire from???


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