Your Cardinal Outlook for this week


Congrats to the women's soccer team for locking up a Big East National Division title over the weekend. They'll host their conference tournament opener on Sunday. Via the Louisville Cardinals...

Help Card Chronicle win 500 bucks for charity


Hey everyone. SB Nation would very much like to hear your opinions and feedback on the user experience on this site. You know all those bells and whistles on the site (not literally)? We are...

Bring Chicken to the Bucket shirt deal coming to an end


Just a reminder that you have four hours left to purchase a #BringChickenToTheBucket shirt for only 10 bucks. At 6 p.m., the price will jump back to $20, where it will remain. It's the perfect...

College Football Pick 'Em Contest


All right, we're doing a year-long Card Chronicle college football pick 'em contest and have a slightly below average prize to give to the winner. We're going to be using Yahoo, so you'll need to...

Carmody's Cafe is open for business


The day the nation spent the better part of the summer awaiting has finally arrived: Carmody's Cafe is here. There's a sweet local deal, some fresh writing from a local blogger you know and some...

Carmody's Cafe message from Art


The following email was sent out to Carmody's Cafe subscribers this morning: If you are receiving this means I owe you a big thank-you for all of the support you have shown as we look...

You Can All Say You Were There


You may not have been around for the thrill of the first Kentucky Derby. You may not have inhaled your first breath when the University of Louisville created the College of Arts and Sciences in...

Happy 4th of July, kids


Get out there and blow some stuff up.

Your least cool person of 2010-2011...


Thanks to a 12-month douchiness Bender, Brandon is your least cool person of 2010-2011 (Nantz). The final count was 665 (61%) to 408 (38%), but I would like to take a moment and praise now...

Least Cool Person Tournament Championship: John Calipari vs. Brandon Bender


The ultimate battle of uncool kicks off right now, and ends in 48 hours. Who joins Larry Taylor, Mitch Barnhart, and Steve Kragthorpe is entirely in your hands. JOHN CALIPARI How They Got Here: D...

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