FedEx: The Least Cool Person Of 2013-14


Russdemption. The city of Louisville says "we're fed up with FedEx."

LCPT Championship: Selection Committee Vs. FedEx


For all the (uncool) marbles...

LCPT FInal 4: USA Today Vs. FedEx


Happy championship week.

LCPT FInal 4: Selection Committee Vs. Marc Summers


In 24 hours, one moves on and one goes home.

LCPT Quarterfinals: Selection Committee Vs. Mayock


The last spot in the LCPT Final Four will be decided over the next 24 hours ("Shot at the Night" plays).

LCPT Quarterfinals: USA Today Vs. UCF


Two spots in the semis remain up for grabs.

LCPT Quarterfinals: Marc Summers Vs. Texas


One ticket to the semis has already been punched as Louisville's summer classic rolls on.

LCPT Quarterfinals: UK Tattoo Guy Vs. FedEx


The summer tradition unlike any other has returned.


Florida State Welcomes Louisville To The ACC

Still waiting on your congratulatory video, DEPAUL.


Recap: Louisville's ACC Celebration

Come for the mascot heckling, stay for the plaque unveiling.

On 'ACC Day,' Louisville Deserves To Celebrate


The celebrations are justified. Don't let anyone tell you any differently.


The CCCC Syndicated Sixteen: TUESDAY

A giant has fallen. Cinderella has arrived. Futurama took down Animaniacs. Yesterday saw mediocre voting turnout but extremely close results. In what's become the norm of this little...


Coaches React To Louisville Joining The ACC

'Preciate ya, Dabo.


The CCCC Syndicated 16

I had to think of something less 'NCAA-ish' than 'sweet' for the round of 16. Don't like it? Too bad (you love it you know you do). The in-depth analysis below is null and void. It's time to put...


The CCCC - Round Of 64

Now we get down to business. The CCCC Bracket is updated with the Play-In Winners, and now we start sending 'em off-air in numbers. Sixteen to be exact. Childhood (or adulthood) memories will...

Let The 2013-14 LCP Nomination Process Begin


A CC tradition unlike any other, the least cool person tournament is back and now officially accepting nominations.

U of L Plans ACC Celebration Event For July 1


And I have some demands.

U of L Spirit Groups Continue National Dominance


I've received a handful of requests from members or representatives of some of the non-revenue sports teams for a little bit of CC love now that basketball and football are over, and in the coming...

2013 CC Person Of The Year: The Finalists


The polls are officially open and will be until noon tomorrow, at which time we will crown our 2013 Person of the Year.

On Cardmageddon And The Beginning Of Always


Get some food you like, get some people you like, go to a place you like and let's do this.

Cardmageddon: Where We're Watching


I'll add any additional submissions up until Saturday afternoon.

'Year of the Cardinal' Open Thread


It's like we're all sitting down together as a big family and watching a holiday special.

Now Taking CC Person Of The Year Nominations


We are now officially taking your nominations for the 2013 version of the highest honor there is in the city of Louisville: the Card Chronicle Person of the Year.

Digger Phelps: The Least Cool Person Of 2012-13


It may not be an Olympic year, but a Phelps is once again the best in the world this summer. DIGGER is your least cool person of 2012-13.

LCPT Championship: Phelps Vs. Herbstreit


Everything comes down to this. It's the championship of chotch and all the quad-colored tank tops and tribal tattoos are on the line.

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