Big East


Highlights: Cards Drop Irish In Big East Semis

This is fun


2013 Big East Tournament Pool

It's a contest. It's free. You could win a Sugar Bowl poster.

Big East Split Is Official


The Big East has announced through a press release that the seven non-Division-I football schools are officially separating from the rest of the conference.

This Is The Notre Dame Preview


Stats, fun facts and esoteric Kyle Kuric references


The University of Louisville, Still Proving Them Wrong.... 28 Years and Running

I wrote most of this last year when Big 12 rumors were swirling and many people thought Louisville would be better off to remain as a "Big Fish" in a small pond. Alas, when the pond dried up, that...

ACC Officially Announces Addition Of Louisville


Tom Jurich and James Ramsey release their first statements on Louisville's move from the Big East to the ACC.

ACC Approval Of Louisville Was Unanimous


U of L will be joining the ACC without bad blood between it and any of its current members.


The wait is over. Card Nation's day has come. The University of Louisville is headed to the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The ACC Will Vote On Louisville Wednesday Morning


Wednesday could be the day Louisville fans have been waiting months for.

Report: Louisville One Vote Shy Of ACC Invite


Be still, my heart. We've been through this before.

Big East Adding Tulane, ECU



Conference Realignment, Louisville, And The ACC


The conference realignment train is once again rolling, and if you can believe it, the stakes are even higher for Louisville than they were a year ago.


Realignment on Fire, and Getting Hit with the Reality Stick

So it seems that, for all intents and purposes, Maryland is going to leave the ACC for the Big10 and Rutgers will follow suit and make their escape from the Big East to the Big10. Okay. So then...

Maryland, Rutgers Reportedly Nearing Big 10 Move


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Syracuse Ends Louisville's Perfect Season


Let's get a good cry going for the next hour and then forget this ever happened.

Your Team Sucks: Big East Hoops Preview


3,000 words on why your Big East team sucks.

Louisville stays perfect in romp over Temple


9-0 for the first time in program history. Five touchdown passes for Teddy. Second half shutout. Sunny being Sunny. Pretty solid afternoon of football if you're a Louisville fan.

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