The Cardinal Countdown...54 days until kickoff

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

I think this is the deepest we’ve ever got into the countdown without having two players wearing the same number. Congratulations for making it through 46 days…let’s double down on this wonderful Wednesday morning.

#54 Mike Romano


Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-4/280

Position: Center

Hometown: Port St. Lucie, Fla

Twitter: @mikeromano71

Thoughts: While there was some discussion about the center position earlier this week, it looks like Romano is officially listed as the backup as for know. Others seem to believe Romano is backing up Hughley, but since nothing official has been released I’ll maintain my assumption that Jake Smith is still the guy until further notice. Similar to Hugley, Romano has been sitting behind Smith, Miller, Brown and Mack for what seems like forever. As a RS Junior Mike may not ever get a starting role on the line but I’d expect him to produce more than last season in which he only saw action in one game. While stability up front is always good for a team, we shouldn’t forget about the contributions of Romano and the other number two’s on the depth chart.

Sweet Tweet:

Maybe it’s a generational thing but I’m right there with Mike as are a lot of my friends. If I don’t know who is calling me, I don’t answer. The funny thing is that I always say "if they need something they can leave me a message" yet I HATE checking my voicemail and rarely ever do it.

Moral of the story: If a family friend were to call me today, on a number I don’t recognize, and leave a voicemail telling me my Dad broke his leg…..I’d find out about it around Saturday or Sunday….when someone finally sent me a text. Sorry Pops.



#54 Lyn Clark


Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-2/244

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: New Orleans, La

Twitter: @lynclark_11

Thoughts: Lyn Clark, a native of New Orleans, just so happened to catch a certain Cardinal team dismantle a helpless Florida Gators squad in his home town a couple seasons ago…and his interest was piqued. A former Tulane commit, Clark visited Louisville on the last recruiting weekend of the season last year and committed shortly thereafter. After taking a redshirt last year I’d envision Clark getting some reps at the outside linebacker position, although the initial depth chart had him inside at the ‘Mo’ position between the ‘WILL’ (Weakside) and the ‘MIKE’ (Middle). He’s slightly undersized but the kid can play football, as his 100+ tackle senior season in high school showcased. With a Senior and a couple Juniors as the potential starting backers this year Clark will have a chance to learn with some on the job training this season and then slide into a more predominant role next year.

Sweet Tweet:

I didn't have a pool growing up, and I still don’t today. But, I can remember between the ages of like 4 and 22 when a friend would said "You want to go the pool?" and then 10 minutes later you were actually at a pool. That was great. Life was simple and trunks and a towel capped the list of necessities. NOW…with a small kid in tow we are not sitting poolside one second before almost half an hour has elapsed since the initial suggestion. It’s a modern day Jerry Bruckheimer production to get everything put together so we can leave the damn house. Swimsuit, swim diaper, extra swim diaper, floaties, inflatable raft, towels, water, sunscreen (SPF 15 and 45 in case her redhead friend shows up I guess), snacks, water toys, more snacks, wagon for the kid, wagon to pull all the extra crap….it’s just plain nuts. It’s all too much, and it’s not even fun anymore. Next time the misses suggests a trip to pool I’m duct taping a few trash bags together, turning on the hose and we are slippin and sliding our happy asses down the hill all day until the roots rip open our flesh. Now whose having fun?!

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