Let's Pick The Greatest Video Game Franchise Ever. Of All Time.


Well, first and foremost, I would like to extend my congratulations to Looney Tunes for winning the Card Chronicle Cartoon Challenge. I don't think there ever was really any doubt as to what was the greatest cartoon of all time.

So now, if y'all aren't too tired of this yet, I would like to start a challenge of my own: The Card Chronicle Video Game Challenge. Because everybody just loves video games, and everybody loves to debate on which is the best.

To ensure that every video game franchise gets it's proper time in the spotlight, I will be doing video game franchises rather than just individual video games. This is the least complicated way to do this, and it ensures that half of the bracket will not be made up of Mario games.

Here's how this will work: Much like our good friend hammel11 did with the CCCC, I will select the field of 68 by counting up votes in the comment section. If I recall correctly, he allowed a week for nominations, so I too will allow a week for nominations. This means you have until Tuesday, July 15 at 5:00 PM EST to make your nominations.

Please limit your comment to no more than 5 franchises per comment. And if a game you want to nominate has already been nominated, feel free to vote for it in a separate comment. For example, if HotHot were to nominate, say, Legend of Zelda, and hammel11 also wanted to vote for it, all he would have to do is vote for Zelda in a separate comment.

Ties, of course, are almost certainly going to happen, so the tiebreaker criteria I will use will be:

1. Total number of games released

2. How well those games sold

3. How high the games have scored on Metacritic

Now to avoid any confusion, let me explain what I consider to be a video game franchise: In order for a game to count as a franchise, and therefore be eligible for the challenge, the game must have had a sequel, remake, or expansion pack released at some point. All spin-off games count toward the franchise that they originally came from.

Once voting closes, I will count up the votes. By either Friday the 18th, or Saturday the 19th, I will have completed a full 68-team bracket. The challenge itself will begin on Monday the 21st. Since I haven't a clue how to use Google Docs, I will be using a website called

Now unfortunately, this website does not allow for me to create a bracket of more than 64 teams, or put in the site of each round. So I will hold the play-in round (which will be all 16-seeds, much like in the CCCC) here on Card Chronicle, and will also include the site of each match-up in the article. The sites will be as follows:

N. Sanity Island
Dragon Shores

Round of 64 & 32:
Dream Land
Empire City
Aperture Science Enrichment Center

Regional Semifinals and Finals:
Mushroom Kingdom
Liberty City
Angel Island

Final Four:
Nashua, New Hampshire (This place is where Ralph H. Baer first came up with the idea for video games, and is considered their birthplace.)

Lastly, if anybody has a better suggestion on a match-up site, please, don't hesitate to say so. I'm open to all suggestions.

Now as for me, I'm simply going to begin by nominating one of my most favorite video game franchises of all time. The one that has served as my avatar for almost my entire time on this website, and one whom I think Sony would be well served to bring back.

I'm talking of course, about... Crash Bandicoot.


So, let the voting begin… now.

EDIT: Let me make one thing clear... Even though I said only 5 franchises per comment, you can leave as many comments and vote for as many franchises as you want. For example, if you want to vote for 10 different franchises, just put 5 in one comment, and 5 in another.

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