Louisville Football Updates Roster

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

GoCards.com has unleashed a U of L football roster update on the world, and the city of Louisville will never be the same.

That may have been slightly over the top, but there are some things to talk about, a fact which our early July selves can all be grateful for.

First, here's the new roster:

1 Keith Brown 6-1 236 LB RS SO Miami, Fla. (Miami Norland)
2 Michaelee Harris 6-2 196 WR RS SR Miami, Fla. (Northwestern)
2 James Sample 6-2 191 S JR Sacramento, Calif. (Grant)
3 Charles Gaines 5-11 190 CB RS JR Miami, Fla. (Central)
3 Pat Thomas 6-4 190 QB SO Atlanta, Ga. (Georgia Military)
4 Robert Clark 5-9 173 WR RS SR Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. (Florida)
5 Tyler Ferguson 6-4 225 QB JR Bakersfield, Calif. (Penn. State)
5 Michael Dyer 5-9 213 RB SR Little Rock, Ark. (Auburn)
6 Eli Rogers 5-10 180 WR SR Miami, Fla. (Northwestern)
6 Shaq Wiggins 5-10 165 CB SO Tyrone, Ga. (Georgia)
7 Reggie Bonnafon 6-3 205 QB FR Louisville, Ky. (Trinity)
8 Ryan Johnson 5-11 201 P RS SR Louisville, Ky. (DeSales)
8 Gerod HollimanClick here to hear it 6-0 206 S RS SO Miami, Fla. (Southridge)
9 DeVante Parker 6-3 208 WR SR Louisville, Ky. (Ballard)
10 Dominique Brown 6-2 233 RB RS SR Cincinnati, Ohio (Winton Woods)
11 Will Gardner 6-5 226 QB RS SO Douglas, Ga. (Coffee County)
11 B.J. DuboseClick here to hear it 6-5 268 DT RS SR Oakland Park, Fla. (Northeast)
12 Kai De La Cruz 6-0 187 WR RS SR Montvale, N.J. (St. Joseph's Regional)
13 Brett Nelson 6-4 220 QB RS JR Chula Vista, Calif. (Southwestern CC)
13 James Burgess 6-0 227 LB JR Homestead, Fla. (Homestead Senior)
14 Kyle Bolin 6-2 203 QB RS FR Lexington, Ky. (Lexington Catholic)
15 Hunter BowlesClick here to hear it 6-6 253 TE RS SO Glasgow, Ky. (Glasgow)
15 Andrew Johnson 5-9 183 CB SR Miami, Fla. (Southridge)
17 James Quick 6-1 185 WR SO Louisville, Ky. (Trinity)
18 Gerald Christian 6-3 244 TE RS SR Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. (Florida)
18 Ethan Horton 6-0 205 QB RS FR Hyden, Ky. (Leslie County)
19 Terell Floyd 5-10 202 CB SR Fort Pierce, Fla. (Port St. Lucie)
19 Reggie Green 6-1 201 QB JR Greenville, N.C. (Georgia Military)
19 Ja'Quay Williams 6-3 214 WR SO Tyrone, Ga. (Texas A&M)
20 Corvin Lamb 5-9 200 RB RS JR Miami, Fla. (Northwestern)
21 Devontre ParnellClick here to hear it 5-11 179 CB RS SO Winnsboro, S.C. (Fairfield Central)
22 Chucky Williams 6-2 198 S RS FR Hialeah, Fla. (Champagnat Catholic School of Hialeah)
23 Brandon Radcliff 5-9 214 RB RS SO Miami, Fla. (Christopher Columbus)
24 Zykiesis Cannon 6-0 183 CB FR Mauldin, S.C. (Carolina Academy)
25 Josh Harvey-Clemons 6-5 212 S JR Valdosta, Ga. (Georgia)
26 De'Eric Culver 6-0 180 CB FR Tallahassee, Fla. (Godby)
27 Jermaine ReveClick here to hear it 6-0 200 S RS JR Miami, Fla. (Northwestern)
27 L.J. Scott 6-0 228 RB FR Marion, Ohio (Marion Harding)
28 Terrence Ross 6-1 202 S RS FR Apoka, Fla. (Wekiva)
29 Trumaine Washington 5-10 180 CB FR Miami, Fla. (Killian)
30 Tae'Shawn Gibbs 5-10 181 WR RS FR Louisville, Ky. (Central)
30 Richard Benjamin 6-0 210 CB RS FR Tampa, Fla. (Tampa Bay Technical)
31 Michael Johnson 6-3 200 S FR Miami Gardens, Fla. (Champagnat)
32 Stacy Thomas 6-1 249 DE RS FR Miami, Fla. (Gulliver Prep)
33 Jordan Streeter 5-9 168 DB RS JR Florence, Ky. (Highlands)
33 Grant Donovan 6-1 218 LS RS SR Louisville, Ky. (Male)
34 George Clements 6-0 182 CB RS SR Willow Spring, N.C. (West Johnson)
35 Anthony George 6-1 174 K RS SO Louisville, Ky. (Trinity)
36 Kevin HouchinsClick here to hear it 5-11 194 S RS SO South Euclid, Ohio (Brush)
36 Luke BrohmClick here to hear it 6-1 232 FB RS JR Louisville, Ky. (St. Xavier)
38 Chris Miele 6-2 182 WR RS FR Louisville, Ky. (DuPont Manual)
38 Brandon Joseph 5-8 176 CB RS SR Miami, Fla. (Northwestern)
38 Royce Donovan 6-2 215 LB RS SO Louisville, Ky. (Male)
39 Griffin Uhl 6-2 260 FB RS SO Henryville, Ind. (Henryville)
40 Joshua Appleby 6-3 219 K JR Athens, Ala. (East Limestone)
41 Jarrod BarnesClick here to hear it 5-11 200 S RS SO Westerville, Ohio (Westerville South)
42 Isaac Stewart 6-2 240 LB FR Charlotte, N.C. (Butler)
44 Pio Vatuvei 6-2 275 DE JR Patterson, Calif. (San Mateo)
45 John Wallace 6-0 194 P/K RS JR Cecilia, Ky. (Central Hardin)
45 Mitchell Nelson 6-0 175 CB RS JR Louisville, Ky. (Male)
46 Lamar Atkins 5-11 218 LB RS SO Miami, Fla. (Miami Norland)
48 Deiontrez MountClick here to hear it 6-5 246 DE SR Fort Walton Beach, Fla. (Fort Walton Beach)
49 Blake Ramsey 5-11 203 LB RS SO Louisville, Ky. (Christian Academy)
49 Jarel McGriff-Culver 5-11 204 RB RS SR Downers Grove, Ill. (Downers Grove South)
52 Nick Dawson-Brents 6-3 265 LB RS SO Charlotte, N.C. (Phillip O'Berry Academy of Tech)
53 Jake Smith 6-4 307 OL RS SR Jacksonville, Ala. (Jacksonville)
54 Lyn Clark 6-2 244 LB RS FR New Orleans, La. (O. Perry Walker)
54 Mike Romano 6-4 280 C RS JR Port St. Lucie, Fla. (Treasure Coast)
55 Keith Kelsey 6-1 225 LB SO Gainesville, Fla. (Gainesville)
56 Spencer Foy 6-4 215 DL FR Louisville, Ky. (St. Xavier)
57 Finesse Middleton 5-11 246 DT RS FR Gadsden, Ala. (Gadsden)
58 Andrew Polston 6-6 290 DT RS JR Louisville, Ky. (St. Xavier)
59 Aaron Ahner 6-3 262 DT RS JR Okinawa, Japan (University of Dubuque)
60 Joe Manley 6-6 333 OL RS SO Bowling Green, Ky. (Bowling Green)
61 Tobijah Hughley 6-3 289 OL RS SO Lexington, Ky. (Lafayette)
62 T.C. KlusmanClick here to hear it 6-3 276 OL RS SO Cincinnati, Ohio (Elder)
64 Gabe Ahner 6-3 281 DT RS SO Okinawa, Japan (Kadena)
65 David NoltemeyerClick here to hear it 6-4 302 OL RS SR Louisville, Ky. (Kentucky)
68 Danny Burns 6-6 339 OL FR Hamilton, Ohio (Fairfield)
69 Jimmie Terry 6-4 350 OL FR Madison, Miss. (Madison Central)
70 John Miller 6-2 325 OL SR Miami, Fla. (Central)
71 Chris AcostaClick here to hear it 6-3 275 OL RS SR Miami, Fla. (Hialeah)
72 Lukayus McNeil 6-6 278 OL FR Indianapolis, Ind. (Decatur Central)
73 Pedro SibieaClick here to hear it 6-3 294 OL RS SO Homestead, Fla. (Homestead)
74 Ryan Mack 6-5 309 OL RS JR Memphis, Tenn. (Wooddale)
75 Skylar Lacy 6-6 305 OL RS FR Indianapolis, Ind. (Southport)
76 Kelby Johnson 6-7 299 OL JR Bowie, Md. (ASA College)
78 Aaron Epps 6-7 299 OT RS JR Tucker, Ga. (Tucker)
79 Jamon Brown 6-6 346 OT SR Fern Creek, Ky. (Fern Creek)
80 Charles Standberry 6-3 216 TE FR Montgomery, Ala. (Carver)
81 Cornelius Sturghill 5-11 180 WR FR Memphis, Tenn. (Melrose)
82 Dontez Byrd 5-11 170 WR RS FR Louisville, Ky. (Ballard)
83 Micky Crum 6-4 250 TE FR Columbus, Ohio (Hamilton Township)
84 Colin Holba 6-3 233 LS RS SO Louisville, Ky. (Eastern)
84 Gio Pascascio 6-3 185 WR SO Glendale, Ariz. (Glendale CC)
85 Cody Swabeck 6-1 175 WR FR Louisville, Ky. (Trinity)
86 Matt Milton 6-5 202 WR RS SR Belleville, Ill. (Tennessee)
87 Cameron Polk 6-2 187 WR FR Fishers, Ind. (Hamilton Southeastern High School)
88 Javonte Bagley 6-3 180 WR FR Vero Beach, Fla. (Vero Beach)
89 Keith Towbridge 6-5 266 TE SO Toledo, Ohio (Toledo Central Catholic)
90 Johnny Richardson 6-3 334 DE RS FR Jacksonville, Fla. (First Coast)
91 Trevon Young 6-4 233 DE JR Council Bluffs, Iowa (Iowa Western)
92 Terry Ramsey 6-5 250 DE FR Clayton, Ohio (Northmont)
93 Tae Thibodeaux 6-2 270 DL FR New Iberia, La. (Westgate)
94 Lorenzo MauldinClick here to hear it 6-4 244 DE SR Atlanta, Ga. (Maynard Jackson)
95 Kyle Shortridge 6-2 293 DT RS FR Loxahatchee, Fla. (Seminole Ridge)
96 Henry Famurewa 6-2 232 OLB FR Powder Springs, Ga. (McEachern)
97 DeAngelo Brown 6-1 319 DT RS SO Savannah, Ga. (Savannah Christian Prep)
98 Sheldon Rankins 6-2 300 DE JR Covington, Ga. (Eastside)
99 James Hearns 6-3 272 LB RS FR Tallahassee, Fla. (Lincoln)


--Michael Dyer is the guy stepping up to the plate and taking over the No. 5 jersey left behind by Teddy Bridgewater.

--Penn State QB transfer Tyler Ferguson will apparently wear the number when he's eligible to play next season.

--As expected, names like Zeke Pike, Nacho Garcia and Jamaine Brooks are no longer on the roster. It appears QB Jerry Arlinghaus is among the other names who have moved on.

--Redshirt freshman quarterback Ethan Horton, welcome to life as the No. 18 Card Chronicle crush.

--Along with his name change, it appears Johnny (formerly De'Asian) Richardson has packed on 50 pounds.

--Shaq Wiggins only weighs 165 pounds?

--New QBs Pat Thomas (3) and Reggie Bonnafon (7) are both opting to go the single-digit number route, while Brett Nelson has moved from No. 12 to No. 13.

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