The Card Chronicle Cartoon Challenge Final: (1) Looney Tunes vs. (2) The Simpsons



About a month ago, I could have run a yes/no poll that went something like this:

"Is 'Looney Tunes' the greatest cartoon ever?"

And the results would have probably been a resounding 'yes,' but it would have been zero fun and you all would have been in the comments like 'is this dude just bored or what?'

Instead, it's taken us a month; I've not taken a lunch break in that span; I've been up early on weekend mornings, and I'm analyzing vote counts for shows that were canceled when I was three and you all are in the comments like 'yup this dude is REAL bored.'

False. I just enjoy stuff like this. I love numbers, and I love cartoons. I also like 'Ancient Aliens.'

I thought this would be a welcome time sink between the trip to Omaha (we will get that right one year) and the start of football season. It has been, but I will admit to not being overly-excited about the World Cup. I was wrong. Dead wrong. I was always the passive, every-four-year USMNT 'fan' but after this year and watching in Irish Pubs with buddies who are ate up with the beautiful game and seeing the crowds at Soldier Field and in Kansas City...I'm not falling off this bandwagon anytime soon. Extra Time against Belgium felt like pacing around my bedroom in front of my TV while the BCS bid was on the line against Rutgers. I found myself understanding more than the offside rule, and left Molly Malone's completely dejected once Belgium had moved on...saying things under my breath like 'we HAVE to fix the farm system and the way we view soccer in America so we get the best players on the national team.'

I didn't recognize myself....but I liked it. I'm a futbol fan now. I still just need a club team.

Back to the task at hand. The simple poll that Looney Tunes would have probably won with 96% of the vote +/- 2% would have been pointless. How many times did a show get mentioned and you went 'holy crap I haven't thought about __________ in forever!?" I enjoyed the comments sections and I promise you, I read every single one in every single thread and if I'm remembered for being 'the dude who left out Batman' then I think I'm doing pretty OK.

The contests saturday were lackluster. You were all out cooking over charcoal, drinking beer, and spending time with your families celebrating I can understand the number of votes being low. No spoilers here: Looney Tunes and The Simpsons were victors.

The CCCC Final Four Bracket

So we are basically back to whether you think Looney Tunes is the greatest cartoon of all-time. We just took a way more awesome route to get here.

The best thing is...the winner gets a Villen / CrumsRevenge / Lord Kayoss 'One Shining Hand-Drawn Moment' straight-to Blu Ray highlight compilation. I'm lying; they really don't but that would be pretty sweet you have to admit.

Voting is open.

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