The Cardinal Countdown...46 days until kickoff

Andy Lyons

*A little tardy today on the post but I'm on vacation this week so the fact I made it until Thursday without screwing this up is a minor miracle.

#46 Lamar Atkins


Class: RS Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 5-11/218

Position: Linebacker (Fullback)

Hometown: Miami, Fla

Twitter: None

Thoughts: Lamar had been putting in the work on special teams last year while waiting for his turn to take over the duties at linebacker. As the season progressed I guess Watson and Strong saw something they liked in Atkins and moved him to fullback where he got the start in the bowl game against Miami. (We win that game? We won easy? We play them again 46 days? That should be fun. ) Officially Lamar is still listed at linebacker but I think a permanent move to fullback is expected once practice starts to roll around. I’d anticipate Atkins still getting plenty of special teams love, following up his performance in that same role for eleven games last year. While personally I don’t remember the fullback being utilized a ton in the Petrino offense I can almost guarantee it will be used more than it was in the Watson offense (not a knock Watson lovers, just an observation…who knows, maybe we dig a little deeper in the playbook than a run straight up the middle for a gain of 2? Just throwing it out there).

Sweet Tweet: Did you know Lamar is actually LB Keith Browns brother? Well, if you’ve been reading the Countdown for the last three years you did, because I’ve mentioned it every year (the streak is alive). See, isn’t it fun to learn new things? Let’s keep it rolling…

· Donkey’s kill more people each year than plane crashes

· The average pencil lead will write a line approximately 35 miles long

· The longest word in the English language that is written in alphabetical order is "almost"

· Sloths take two weeks to digest food (Good to know, Russ)

· A "jiffy" is actually 1/100th of a second

· Hot water is actually heavier than cold water

· There has been only one recorded incident of a man pushing an RV while Levichtating

· You can tell whether a horse is male or female by counting teeth. Males have 40 and females 36 (I can think of an easier way, but whatever)

· Fingernails grown four times faster than toenails


You’re welcome.

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