The Cardinal Countdown...49 days until kickoff

Andy Lyons

#49 Jarel McGriff-Culver


Class: RS Senior

Ht/Wt: 5-11/204

Position: Running Back

Hometown: Downers Grove, Ill

Twitter: @J_Culver

Thoughts: Not sure what the story is on ‘The Crime Dog’ McGriff-Culver right now. All signs still point to him being a member of the 2014 squad, but I’ve heard some rumblings that he isn’t exactly pleased with some things going on in the program. At this point he has already graduated from the University so I’ll be interested to see how it all plays out. Back in the spring Jarel was listed as the 5th string running back behind Brown, Radcliff, Scott and Dyer. He actually played in twelve games last season, on special teams, and recorded nine tackles. (That’s more than Brown, Radcliff and Dyer had, combined!!! Sorry.)

The running back position is always hard to forecast as you usually carry four or five players at that spot and offseason additions can swing the depth chart drastically. Think about this, without the addition of Dyer last year and the surprising play of Scott so far this season, McGriff could be seeing some significant time. Sometimes that’s a hard pill for someone to swallow. I hope things work out and he’s a member of this team moving forward, we could use his talents even if that just means he’s continuing his handy work on special teams.

Sweet Tweet:

This was in reference to the Brazil-Germany game at the World Cup. I haven’t mentioned the World Cup one time during this countdown because frankly, my enthusiasm for the sport is pretty lacking. BUT, I will admit that this year I did watch a couple of the US games and was intrigued by how much it pulled me in. If I truly analyzed it I would wager that probably 90% was pure patriotism while the other 10% was general interest in the sport. Like most people my age soccer will never be their ‘go to’ sport, but I can respect the athletes and the skill it takes to run around for 90+ minutes with little stoppage. I think the popularity of soccer is on the rise in America, but until it starts stealing away athletes from football, baseball and basketball I doubt we’ll be a continual threat to win the whole thing.

"Yeah Pawl, I seen them Germans won that world trophy over ‘ere but they don’t seriously think they could beat Bama do they?? Roll Tide."



#49 Blake Ramsey


Class: RS Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 5-11/203

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of Christian Academy)

Twitter: @blakeramsey49

Thoughts: While Ramsey didn’t see any game action last year, he was a mainstay on my T.V. Maybe it’s just because I do this countdown but I can almost always name our players off the jersey number alone, and I kept seeing an extremely pale McGriff-Culver on a lot of the sideline shots…turns out it was Blake, who I’d forgotten about. Sorry man. As I’ve touched on with some of the other linebackers, it’s very important that these guys develop quickly over the summer and learn their new roles in the 3-4 scheme. As of today we have 10 linebackers on the roster, which may seem like plenty, but you’re just barely past a two deep rotation in the 3-4. Before Blake’s family sends me an angry email (just joking, I’m sure they’re lovely people) I want to point out that Blake did have a nice tackle on Dyer in the Spring game and forced Gardner to get rid of the ball early on a 2nd and four which lead to an incompletion. Keep putting in the work Ramsey, we see you out there buddy.

Sweet Tweet: This kid seems like a real nice guy. He basically just tweets and re-tweets pictures of him and his girlfriend doing different stuff all the time. That’s pretty awesome that they’re so happy together. She always says nice stuff about him which he then re-tweets to the world, she says that….wait….oh no….

It was a good run Blake. Time to terminate this thing NOW. Nobody, and I mean nobody comes between a Card and his Keg of Nails. You can go ahead and tell ya girl you’ll give her a shout when Cincy gets that Keg back…PEACE!



Just a joke people. I’d never wish for a relationship to crumble, it’s all in good fun. Hold her tight tonight Blake. She’ll always be there for you when you need her most…..I talking about the Keg of course. What, you’re still hung up on that girl?


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