The Cardinal Countdown...52 days until kickoff

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

#52 Nick Dawson-Brents


Class: RS Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-3/265

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Twitter: None

Thoughts: In a world of instant gratification, Dawson has seemed to be overlooked since his highly publicized recruiting process a few years ago. Dawson was a great pickup then, and remains one today. Often we forget the talent level that was sitting in front of him the last few seasons, thus the reason Nick was given a redshirt his freshman year. Last season Nick saw action in ten games along the line and made an impact with 14 tackles, including 3.5 for loss. As I’ve covered greatly over the last week or so, the importance of the linebacker position cannot be understated, and it appears that Dawson will make the transition back to his old high school position, likely at the ‘MIKE’ or middle linebacker slot. He performed well in the red-white game with both Lozo and Keith Brown sitting out; including a couple L.J. Scott tackles which no one will ever be envious of. With three years of eligibility left I’d expect Dawson to thrive in the Grantham defense as he obviously has the athleticism to be very successful. Even if he doesn’t steal a few starts this season, I would be shocked to not see him sitting atop the depth chart kicking off 2015.

Sweet Tweet: No twitter for Nick, but his story at Louisville thus far reminds me of how we as humans always like to stake claim on something when it’s at its peak. I remember the buzz in the air when Dawson committed because he was an All-American, and frankly we hadn’t seen too many of those recently. While the excitement died off some due to the redshirt, I’m sure we’ll all happily jump back on the bandwagon once he starts to get an opportunity to showcase his skills. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this approach; it’s just interesting how the bandwagon mentality transfers into our non-sports life as well. The best example I can think of is always claiming a girlfriend/boyfriend when they are at their peak. Let’s take a look…

Scenario 1

Friend 1: Hey, I saw Sarah yesterday at the mall. She’s doing good, put on a few pounds but I think she’s had like 3 kids.

Friend 2: That’s cool. Remember when I dated her awhile back? She was smoking hot then!

(Friend 2, quick to point out that when they dated she was much more attractive, he was doing pretty well for himself and probably outkicked his coverage)

Scenario 2

Friend 1: Hey, I saw Sarah yesterday at the mall. Wow. She must be working out like five times a day. Very nice.

Friend 2: Really? We dated for awhile. I should probably hit her up again.

(Friend 2, in this instance forgets to point out that they "dated" in middle school and Sarah still had braces and had yet to receive her shipment of Proactiv)

The bandwagon mentality is woven into our brain but I understand that it’s still frustrating to witness others blatantly taking this to the extreme. Let's try not to let it bother us when you see those new Miami Heat "fans", or those recent Texas A&M "fans", or those bandwagon UK basketball "fans", or…wait, I think I just described Drake. Nevermind. Unleash.

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