The CCCC Syndicated Sixteen: TUESDAY


A giant has fallen. Cinderella has arrived. Futurama took down Animaniacs.

Yesterday saw mediocre voting turnout but extremely close results.

In what's become the norm of this little venture...Looney Tunes dispatched its opponent without even needing Bugs to take off his warm-up gear. Doug got some late votes, but the Tune Squad had already coasted to a 56-11 lopsided victory. As we expected, they look to be the class of this bracket.

DuckTales saw its run ended as well at the hands of Kyle, Cartman, Stan, and Kenny. The voting was neck-and-neck all day. No show led by more than 2 votes at any point, until South Park scored three of the last five in a tie-match to take a 35-32 victory into the Animated Eight.

The thriller of the day was Number-13 Futurama continuing its unlikely run to the A-Eight by knocking off the first one-seed. Animaniacs fell behind early and never could complete the comeback...falling 35-31 to one of the Darlings of the Dance.

Futurama will meet Rocky and Bullwinkle, who never allowed Ren and Simpy to catch up and cruised to a double-digit 39-29 victory. Can Moose and Squirrel finally end Futurama's dream run?


Today we'll round out the final eight teams with what should be four more nail-biters

(1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (-3.5) vs. (4) Family Guy

Pizza vs. McBurgerTown. Can April O'Neil distract Glen Quagmire? Will Meg Griffin be able to grow her fingernails long enough to gouge out some turtle eyes? This should be a slobberknocker. Turtles are -3.5 but as we saw yesterday...anything can happen.

(3) Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers (-2.5) vs. (15) Popeye The Sailor

Popeye and Futurama haven't gotten here by accident. I think if we had to do this all over again, both may be single-digit seeds. Alas...neither has beaten up on slouches. Here is Popeye's second chance to defeat a top-three seed and square off against either the Turtles or the Griffins.

(1) Scooby Doo (-6.5) vs. (5) King of the Hill

Scooby and Shaggy and the gang have been rolling over their opponents...but so have Hank and Bobby and Dale. I doubt this one is as lopsided either way as the previous matchups for these two shows.

(6) The Flintstones vs. (2) The Simpsons (-5.5)

The Simpsons are giving 5.5 points to the team from Bedrock...but I'm not sure even the immense popularity of the Springfield squad will distance them that much from their 6th-seeded opponent. The Flintstones have already beaten a popular three-seed...could the Simpsons go the way of Animaniacs?


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