The Cardinal Countdown...86 days till kickoff

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

#86 Matt Milton


Class: RS Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-5/205

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Bellville, Ill

Twitter: @CaptainSenna

Thoughts: I’m a BIG Matt Milton fan. (Yes, that was a pun) There were some rumblings early on last year that he was one of the most underutilized receivers considering the pure size and athleticism he processes. With that said, one must realize we weren’t exactly throwing to tackling dummies instead of him. Sitting behind Parker, Copeland, Rogers, Christian, DeLaCruz, etc isn’t anything to be upset about. The other factor was his overall health last season. He had a knee injury in the spring but appeared to close to 100% as the season began, making an appearance in the first four games. Unfortunately, with limited production (1 catch for 6 yards) Matt didn’t see game action the rest of the year. One has to wonder if that injury remained an underlying issue as the season wore on and reason the coaching staff decided not to throw him out there in certain situations. So here we are. A new season. A new Coach. A new offense. Do we see a new Matt Milton? I think so. His overall length creates a major matchup issue if nothing else for the opposition, and while the Spring Game wasn’t stellar he did pull in a TD and get targeted nine times. Also, not known for his speed, the knee held up pretty well when Milton ran an unofficial 4.46 40 time (equal to that of Eli Rogers and B. Radcliff) when practice drills started early this year. My opinion is that Petrino and McGee throw him out there, see what he can do and give him an opportunity to perform. Just know that in this "trial by fire" they’re gonna have to be some pretty tall flames before Matty Mill gets burned.

Sweet Tweet:

Although my mind and my stomach have had a different opinion, up to this point I have not partaken in the Taco Bell breakfast menu. The overwhelming fear of the scenario Matt described above has provided enough motivation for me to hold off. Really though, why go into uncharted territories Taco Bell? Haven’t you hurt enough innocent lives at around 2:30pm or 9:00pm….or even 4:00 in the morning with your FourthMeal? Do we really need to add 11:00am to that "Ruin your day" Superfecta? You thought you had me when you combined waffles and a taco didn't you Taco Bell? Then you try and lure me in with hash browns, sausage and egg all tucked in a nice crispy shell. Well, you’re gonna have to try a lot harder than that…a lot harder. [checks Taco Bells website for breakfast menu] This guy can’t be lured by fancy breakfast meats and cinnamon pastries [checks to see what time breakfast ends] filled with frosting. I’m much stronger [grabs keys] than that.

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