The Cardinal Countdown...87 days till kickoff

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

#87 Cameron Polk



Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-2/185

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Fishers, IN

Twitter: @cam_polk

Thoughts: While most people are still drooling over the film of early enrollee LJ Scott, they forget that Mr. Polk also rolled onto campus a few months early as well. Cameron is a very talented and extremely athletic player who will probably end up at the wideout position once the smoke clears. Last year, in high school, Polk played some WR, but also saw some action on the defensive side of the ball and occasionally put three points on the board as a kicker. Strong and Bedford recruited Polk as an ‘athlete’ and it appears that Petrino and McGee are going to potentially utilize his skills in the slot position this year one he gets a handle on the speed of the college game. The Polk commitment became even larger as WR recruits started to drop like flies following the Strong departure. Do the names George Rushing (Wisconsin) Isaiah Ford (VT) or DeSean Blair (Mizzou) ring a bell? All of those players, at one point, were committed to catch a few balls thrown their direction for the Cardinal program. With the huge upperclassmen presence at this position, Polk, along with Sturghill and Quick need to learn quickly as they become the leaders in less than 7 months from now.

Sweet Tweet:

When I was in college I had no desire to "impress" anyone with my mad fashion skillz. Multiple factors played into this approach….

1. I was an engineering student at an engineering school who could easily go three or four days without seeing a female… all, much less have one in any class.

2. It was constantly cold outside….I mean, constantly. So, big jackets and jeans were the outfit of choice for most. Also, being an engineer, If I was wearing a solid shirt without stains or a reference to science I was WAY ahead of the curve.

3. I had a beautiful girlfriend which I had dated for a few years and really had no need to show off this body, which has been commonly referred to as a work of art, to any of the other lady folk on campus.

(Sidenote: I originally typed that 3rd comment because my wife sometimes reads these and I thought I might earn some bonus points. She saw it, read it, and her response was "work of art? You mean like one of those weird ashtrays kids make for their parents?"and then laughed hysterically......I've begun to second guess my thought process)

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