The CCCC Sweet Sixteen is Set!


There are two Cinderella Stories still alive. a 15 and a 13.

The big controversies thus far are (of course) the exclusions of Batman: TAS and the merit and worth of Dragonball/Z/GT. Dragonball/Z/GT was voted all the way up to a two-seed and was dispatched by the 15-seeded superhuman-forearmed sailor. One is left to wonder...if Batman would have received more nominations, could the seeding have balanced out to where Batman (a sure winner of at least two rounds), Dragonball/Z/GT, and Popeye were all sitting in the Sweet Sixteen?

Those are the questions without answers, because here we are; sixteen remain and out of those three...only Popeye stands. Not only has he advanced past Dragonball/Z/GT and Jonny Quest; he's done so in dominant fashion. Averaging 42.5 votes per round, Popeye is winning by a margin of 24.5 votes; which stands as the best of any non-1-seed. This metric tells us that we all underestimated Popeye. He's the fifteen playing like the two. He does run into Chip N' Dale on Tuesday, who narrowly escaped The Jetsons in only the second contest of this tournament decided by one vote. Smart money is on the Cinderella in Springfield.

Futurama was another that was an early nomination that, like Batman, was almost forgotten. Futurama got a 13 by only three more votes than the number that put Popeye on the 15 line. Early nominations of popular shows were almost their undoing. Alas, Futurama soundly defeated Thundercats and then Transformers in Eternia to advance to Bikini Bottom. Futurama hasn't been as convincing as Popeye...but they have momentum, and that alone might be enought to make Monday's contest with Animaniacs interesting.



Looney Tunes still looks like the show to beat, and Doug has his hands full in Bedrock on Monday. South Park and DuckTales looks to be a tight matchup; although DuckTales has romped in both of its contest thus far, and South Park barely escaped Tom and Jerry.


TMNT has been like the Technodrome rolling through a china shop thus far. Family Guy will put up a fight, but it's going to be tough to not see the Turtles roll through Springfield straight to Walla Walla.

You already know about Popeye.


Scooby Doo has been another of the number 1s that has had little trouble advancing thus far. It doesn't get any easier, however, and King of the Hill may have the best chance on Tuesday to unseat the first number 1. The squad from Arlen has also been dominant, and carries possibly the most momentum of any show facing a 1-seed this week.

The Flintstones ran past Woody Woodpecker and then barely beat newcomer Archer. The only thing standing in their way of a trip to the Elite Eight? Just the family from Springfield. The Simpsons have been boat-racing shows so far...and have played just as solid as any of the 1s. Fred and Barney may see their run come to an end in Cybertron.


Animaniacs and Futurama we covered above...but this may be the most entertaining of the Monday contests...and if a 13 beats a 1, this thing gets blown wide open.

Rocky and Bullwinkle could have easily been a 1-seed with the way they've destroyed Darkwing Duck and M.A.S.K. Ren and Stimpy have played like the Nickelodeon Conference Champions, however, and could easily make it a tough time for Moose and Squirrel to see their ticket punched to Walla Walla.

This is a blast. See you Monday.

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