The CCCC Round of 32 - FRIDAY


Voting Yesterday was down (by a lot). You folks act like there was a Russ Smith event or Adam Duvall hitting a homerun in his first Major League At-Bat or y'all have lives or something, jeez...

I expect voters to turn out in droves today.


Today's Matchups for a shot in the Sweet 16:

(5) Rugrats vs. (4) Doug

Nicktoons square off. QuailMan tries to swipe Cynthia from Angelica and let Skeeter and Patty Mayonnaise take care of the rest of the under-sized diaper dandies.

(6) He-Man and The Masters of the Universe vs. (3) Duck Tales

Scrooge and Glomgold got some help from the Beagle Boys in wiping the floor with Voltron. It was a boat race from the beginning. He-Man had a tougher time with Spider-Man but still managed a double-digit victory. This one is for the Number One Dime. Beagles vs. Battle Cat.

(1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. (9) Samurai Jack

Jack needed last-minute heroics to hold off The Venture Bros. while TMNT (naturally) coasted right past Aeon Flux. Michelangelo and Raphael rested most of the game...and Bebop & Rocksteady didn't even the entire Turtle Power bench should be ready to go. Jack will need to show a lot more if he's got an upset on his mind.

(7) Jonny Quest vs. (15) Popeye

Popeye went spinach rage against Dragonball in a matchup that had about as many side comments about the merits of the two shows as it did votes.Super Spinach bested Super Saiyan, and a grossly under-seeded Sailor Man cruises on. This may be the Cinderella of this tournament, especially if he outlasts Jonny and Hadji.

(1) Scooby Doo vs. (8) Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

Hey, Hey, Hey...the Junkyard Gang resisted a late push by Dexter and Dee Dee to advance. That's all well and good but now they become David against the mystery-solving Goliath. There won't be any happy junkyard music when this one's over.

(7) X-Men: The Animated Series vs. (2) The Simpsons

This one might be closer than one might think. The scores were similar for these two in the last round, showing a lot of loyalty to both. How many comic/superhero fans still sore about 'The Great Batman Exclusion of 2014' will vote for X-Men just out of spite? Maybe more than a few.

(5) Transformers vs. (13) Futurama

Fry and Bender raced out to an early advantage vs. Thundercats, and despite some last-minute votes for Lion-O and his crew, Futurama scored the last six votes in a row, and managed a decent 37-19 victory. This one will be tougher, as Megatron and Optimus managed to get past some mistakes by Starscream and 'roll out' past a Super Friends show that many saw as an upset pick. This matchup will be closer than the seeds indicate.

(6) Rocko's Modern Life vs. (3) Ren and Stimpy

The second matchup of Nicktoons powers sees the champion vs. the fourth-place contender. Rocko stumbled in the Conference Tournament, but rebounded nicely against Aqua Teen Hunger Force...but only managed a 27-20 win. Ren and Stimpy might just romp here.

Let's vote early and vote often today. Tell your friends. You make a difference in this pointless exercise!

Vote away.

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