Card Chronicle Cartoon Challenge Round of 64 - WEDNESDAY


I feel as though it should be addressed in a place other than a reply to a 'you did this all wrong you left batman out these seeds suck and you chose them all wrong' comment. No offense to anyone who said those things to me, because I sort of agree, but I think I know what happened.

Batman: The Animated Series was one of the first nominations when this thing started two weeks ago. I'm sure most people saw it atop the comments and immediately shooed it in thinking it would be a high seed. I remember thinking to myself 'man, Batman:TAS (I said it like that) is going to be the hardest out of this entire thing that isn't named 'Looney Tunes.'' I think people took it for granted, and never nominated it again. It ended up with 2 nominations. Two. That's a shame for a show that does truly belong here.

But I digress. Mister Batman he is a no here, and we must press on.

**Bracket Update with Tuesday Winners and scores**

Same as yesterday as far as voting. Go.

(5) Rugrats vs. (12) The Smurfs

Small humans in suburbia running from Reptar and Satchmo (the trumpet player?) vs. small humanoids in the forest running from Gargamel. The Smurfs is one of those childhood icons that didn’t meet one generational requirement. The Rugrats helps Nicktoons dominate the 90s. Nicktoons almost dominated this field…sending nearly as many to the Dance as Hanna-Barbera. This one is hard to call, and I could easily call an upset here; feeling as though Papa Smurf’s bunch may have gotten overlooked a bit. A win for the group led by Tommy Pickles could set up a showdown with conference rival Doug for a chance to move on to Bedrock.

(4) Doug vs. (13) Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears

The Nickelodeon Conference is loaded. Doug narrowly lost out to Ren and Stimpy for the Conference Championship, and yet narrowly edged Rugrats to even make it that far. The result was a 3-4-5 seeding for those three with Ren and Stimpy getting a trip to Gotham City and Doug and Rugrats possibly facing off in the Round of 32. Gummi Bears is a hard 13-seed to judge. A late surge by the selection committee got them in the field as an at-large after a rather disappointing Disney conference showing. It may not take a Quailman-type effort from Doug and Porkchop, but they may rely heavily upon Bud Dink to anchor the middle and feed Skeeter on the wing in order to advance.

(6) He-Man and the Masters of the Universe vs. (11) Spider-Man

The Battle of the ___-Men should end up being more of a slobber-knocker than we might expect. Riding a recent resurgence of its original cartoon series in the 60s thanks to its transformation into an internet meme, and bolstered by the popularity of the superhero series’ success in the 90s as a whole, Spider-Man looks to be this year’s VCU and run through as a n 11-seed. He-Man won the FIlmation Conference, he still has Battle Cat and Skeletor, and unless Spidey has enough web and enough tricks up his sleeve, even Venom and Green Goblin may not be able to stop Man-E-Faces if he changes into Man-E-Monster on the court.

(3) Duck Tales vs. (14) Voltron: Defenders of the Universe

Scrooge vs. Keith. Huey, Dewy, and Louie vs. Lance, Pidge, and Hunk. Magicka De Spell vs. Princess Allura. The Beagle Boys and Flintheart Glomgold taking on Prince Lotor and Commander Yurak. Scrooge may need all of his tricks to advance, but it looks to us like the Voltron Force may find itself outsmarted by to world’s (galaxy’s?) richest duck.

(1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. (16) Aeon Flux

I didn’t give Aeon much of a chance in the Play-In Round and she proved me wrong. I just don’t see how she can have anything left in the tank for the boys from the sewer. This one won’t be close, and the Turtles may have a totally tubular time all the way to Springfield.

(8) The Venture Bros. vs. (9) Samurai Jack

The Mushroom Kingdom gets to host some solid matchups, but maybe none better than the modern-day Johnny Quest vs. Samurai Jack. Hank and Dean Venture won the Adult Swim Conference, but are known to bumble their way to fighting their rivals…most notably Monarch…while Jack has mastered fighting off Aku’s robot and alien minions. This should be a battle if Rusty and Brock can keep the brothers from tripping over themselves. Big time toss-up here.

(7) Jonny Quest vs. (10) The Tick

Jonny, Hadji, Race Bannon, and Dr. Benton Quest are well-seasoned in travel and solving mysteries. The Tick usually lets opponents hang around until Arthur can save the day. That strategy won’t fly against Jonny’s crew, and if Arthur gets in trouble…it could be a short day for the satirical superhero.

(2) Dragonball vs. (15) Popeye The Sailor

Probably equally as contentious in this tournament as the exclusion of Batman; is the placement of Dragonball in the bracket. Some felt as though it was vastly over-seeded while others made a case for a number-1 over Animaniacs. No less of a controversy is where Popeye, an American animation icon, appears in this field. This may end up as the generational battle of this entire tournament, as Dragonball was the gateway to anime for many kids in the 90s and had staying power with its premise and crossover into video games. No one can question its power (OVER 9,000!), but if enough of the old-school crowd has its way…Popeye could easily be Florida Gulf Coast and go Spinach-Dunk City on Goku. Popeye won’t be a pushover, but if Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, Popeye the Sailor Man might be livin’ in a garbage can.

(1) Scooby Doo vs. (16) Inspector Gadget

Gadget blew past Yogi Bear, but now finds himself pitted against a far more formidable foe in the group with the Mystery Machine. I can’t think of many scenarios where Gadget gets away with this one, as the meddling kids will almost certainly breeze through Orbit City and hit warp drive to Cybertron.

(8) Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids vs. (9) Dexter’s Laboratory

I’m on the fence as to whether Dee Dee and Dexter can coexist long enough to stay alive and advance in this tournament without getting in each other’s way. The Educational Shows have shown some strength, and it may not matter what invention or experiment Dexter dreams up to overcome the Cosby Kids…we may be seeing The Junkyard Gang playing their instruments at the end of this episode.

(7) X-Men: The Animated Series vs. (10) The Critic

DC failed to get Superman or Batman in the field…but Marvel (and Fox) slid the X-Men into a 7-seed to face a show that was canceled more times than I can count. The Critic has a strong cult following to this day…but when it’s all said and done, I see the next round (and a trip to Cybertron) coming down to The Simpsons and The Juggernaut, b*tch.

(2) The Simpsons vs. (15) Speed Racer

These two are icons. Speed Racer is a mascot for car and racing enthusiasts and was a must-watch to kids when it first aired. It was one of the first anime programs to find success in America, which is commendable enough…but I don’t see any scenario where the longest-running animated show (not to mention longest-running sitcom and longest-running primetime program) falls in the first (second?) round.

(5) Transformers vs. (12) Super Friends

This could get dangerous for the Autobots and Decepticons. Both Batman and Superman...714390-batman-bin-suparman_medium

failed to get their own shows in this dance…but make two appearance as part of the Super Friends and the Justice League (who were eliminated by South Park Yesterday), who will undoubtedly have a strong generational following as well as the fans of those shows that didn’t make the cut. In a world where 12s regularly beat 5s, I can see this one coming down to needing to open the Matrix of Leadership for the Robots in Disguise.

(4) Thundercats vs. (13) Futurama

Matt Groening helped Fox put two long-running sitcoms in this field, but Futurama hs its work cut out for it more so than its mega-popular cousin. Thundercats has long held a pop culture icon status, even though it only ran for four seasons. A favorite of kids born in the mid-80s, Thundercats also had some killer toys (thunder tank!!!). Anything can happen…but my sight beyond sight tells me that the cats advance, snarf!

(6) Rocko’s Modern Life vs. (11) Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Rocko isn’t quite ‘old school’ yet, but ATHF is definitely ‘New School.’ Meatwad’s gang lost to The Venture Bros for the Adult Swim Conference Title, and Rocko got mired in the middle of the gargantuan Nickelodeon Conference jumble. If the Hunger Force can ride its wave of current popularity to the third round in Gotham City, it will have to best Rocko’s parodies of society and American priorities. Turn the page…wash ya hands.

(3) Ren and Stimpy vs. (14) Phineas and Ferb

The Nickelodeon Conference was loaded, and Ren and Stimpy emerged as champions. Long-hailed for being the most brash, irreverent, and innuendo-filled Nicktoon, the booger-flicking and toe-jam-sniffing duo will need to reprise their roles as Mad Dog Hoek and Killer Cadogen and treat Phineas and Ferb like Lump and Loaf. If Phineas and Ferb can roll Logs down stairs and over in pairs…they may be able to run them over the cat and dog and onto an upset for a date with Rocko or Aqua Teen.

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