LCPT Bracketology

It's that time of year again.... Based on the nominations, number of recs, past LCPT Performance/Legacy and Overall Douchiness, I'm going to try and project the 2014 LCPT Field. Since there are 8 participants in this years field, that essentially leaves four #1 seeds and four #2 seeds. Next to the potential seeds is the projected overall seed.


#1 Seeds

(1)USA Today
(3)UK Tattoo Guy

#2 Seeds

(5) NCAA Selection Committee
(6) Fred Toettcher and Rich Shertenlieb
(7) Texas
(8) Digger Phelps

On the Bubble

Josh Pastner
Doug Gottlieb
Neal Brown
John Calipari
Aaron Harrison
NFL Draft Analysts
Charlie Strong
People Who Nominated Charlie Strong

Last 2 In

Digger Phelps

First 2 Out

Doug Gottlieb
Josh Pastner

Next 2 Out

John Calipari
Neal Brown


-Digger squeaks in. For the first time in what seems like a long time, Digger Phelps is not among the favorites to win the tournament. Digger lost a large class from last seasons championship contender. However, his OVERALL BODY OF WORK, past transgressions and usage of his name as a bad word allowed him an at large bid. If there was a play in game. He'd be in it. Speaking of which, why isn't there a play in game?

-The year of the Non-Human/Metaphysical. The closest thing to a human amongst my projected #1 seeds is "UK Tattoo Guy" and I'm not even sure how close to human he is. As of this moment, I only have one actual single human projected in the tournament (the rest are, I think, a collection of humans... along with a newspaper and a parcel service). It looks as if this will be the year that a non-human actually takes the championship.

-Can Pastner and Gottlieb make it? Gottlieb certainly has a strong legacy as the 2011-2012 LCPT Champion. But when looking at the OVERALL BODY OF WORK I just don't know if there is enough there for the selection committee (Mike) to justify including him with the rest of these uncool "people"...

-Calipari misses out completely. John Calipari could never be clamed as "cool." However, this year just wasn't his year. No overly unruly players, no "Louisville doesn't exist," I just don't think the "Tweak" is enough to land him with this years field.

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