The Card Chronicle Cartoon Challenge Bracket

{EDIT: Bracket updated with game times}

This seems like it’s taken forever. I wanted enough time to give as many people a chance to weigh in as possible.

I won’t bore you any more than that. Here’s the bracket:

Card Chronicle Cartoon Challenge Bracket

Another thing I didn’t want to be a factor in this is emotion. Aside from ‘Oh hey, I loved/love that show, and I’m going to nominate it!’ I wanted to let the numbers speak. ‘Looney Tunes’ is your Overall Number One Seed because they had the most votes. The second Number One had the second-most votes, all the way down to ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and ‘Pirates of Dark Water’ who had the least amount of votes. There were a large number of two and three-vote shows, which is where number of seasons and number of episodes came into play. Those tiebreakers only had to be used a couple of times.

Conferences. Warner is a conference. Adult Swim is a Conference. I went by Production Company unless the information was sparse, and in those cases went with the prominent channel which broadcast the show during its main run (if it is a show that’s no longer in syndication). I made it so that much like real 68-team brackets that we know and love…no two conference mates may meet in the second round.

The Play-In Games are all for #16 Seeds. This kept it easier than having to add #12s and #13s to make play-ins for different brackets.

Second Round and Regional Sites should all look familiar. The Final Four, held in Walla Walla, Washington, goes without saying.

I decided that I didn’t want to clutter up the FanPost section with a ton of individual game polls, so until there are eight shows remaining, I’ll create a post for each round and gather votes out of the comments section much like I did for nominations. The ability to skip to unread posts has made this pretty simple (thanks, SB Nation software!). Much like ‘real’ tournament action, I’ll start with the play-ins. I’ll then go to Second Round sites until we reach 8 remaining. Then we’ll poll. That will be the most accurate way to do it. Each post will run for a full 24 hours of voting.


Last Four In:

  • · The Yogi Bear Show
  • · Space Ghost
  • · Thundarr The Barbarian
  • · Pirates of Dark Water

Last Four Out:

  • · Hong Kong Phooey
  • · JabberJaw
  • · American Dad!
  • · Pokemon

Most Bids by Conference:

  • · Hanna-Barbera (10)
  • · Nickelodeon (7)
  • · ABC (7)
  • · Cartoon Network (7)
  • · FOX (7)
  • · Disney (6)

Notable Snubs:

  • · Batman: The Animated Series
  • · Peanuts
  • · Garfield and Friends
  • · Walt Disney Cartoon Classics (!)

Once again, the numbers spoke. I thought for sure that Batman would be in this field. I, for one, loved that show and I’m sure many of you do too. And whoever left out ‘Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown’ and the rest of the Peanuts gang…I bet you really wanted Caillou in this bracket. Don’t lie.

There is no Caillou. No whining.

This is completely pointless and irrelevant to everything…but I have had a blast doing this over lunch for the past week. Plus I’m a giant child.

Get those brackets ready. We start figuring out who the Greatest Cartoon of All-Time is on Saturday. Tell your friends.

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