The Cardinal Countdown...75 days till kickoff

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

#75 Skylar Lacy


Class: Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-6/320

Position: Offensive Line

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Twitter: @7even_5ive

Thoughts: Skylar took a redshirt last year to add some size and work on developing his skill set at the tackle position. That opportunity has now propelled Lacy into a position to get some significant action with the second team unit this year. Skylar actually got in on the fun in the Spring Game recovering a fumble from LJ Scott, but had a couple false starts as well. The timing issues can be ironed out, and Lacy is big enough he should start emerging as a solid replacement for the graduating O-linemen next year. Klenakis likes what Lacy has shown him thus far, but needs him to get some more experience under his belt before Klenakis places him in the line of fire on a consistent basis. I wouldn't be shocked to see Lacy at least make an appearance in every game this season.

Sweet Tweet:

Skylar has been rocking the longer beard for awhile now, but until that stache fills in he is in full on Abe Lincoln mode, and that’s a tough look to pull off. Top hats aren't exactly in fashion this season. Speaking of Abe, having now made the trek from Louisville to St. Louis and back many times, I find it amazing how many states lay claim to Abe (I call him Abe, we’re pretty close).

Kentucky: "We’re the great state that allowed baby Abe to be born into this fine world"



Indiana: "Ahh yes, but didn’t you know, we are the state that raised that fine young man"



Illinois: "Sorry Indiana and Kentucky, but this is the state were Lincoln did all his impressive works"



Let's take it easy with the Abe Lincoln love affair guys. I know the man did great things for our country but it kind of loses its luster if every state in a 600 mile radius tries to stake a claim. I’m sure if Lincoln were here today he would probably rep Illinois over the other two for various reasons. Yes, that’s just my opinion, and some historians may disagree with me. In all honesty, I’m really just taking a shot in the dark…

What? What? Come on. Too soon?

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