Let's Pick The Greatest Cartoon of All-Time. Together.


Welcome, fellow Chronicloids, to my second-ever Fan Post. As we approach our second consecutive elongated spring sports season by cheering on the Cardinal Nine in Omaha, the inevitable is upon us. The 'dog days.' That space between baseball's end and the first kickoff of the new football season. This oft-excruciating stretch of time is where we scour message boards and twitter for recruiting nuggets and and practice reports to fill the emptiness felt in anticipation of the first season of Louisville Football navigating the ACC.

/deep breath


"ahhhhhh, ACC."

In my best Bart Scott voice...'CANT WAIT.'

Let's not detract, however, from what awaits this weekend somewhere in middle America. The Baseball Cards (unless you ask Bovada) have just as good a shot to dogpile on the TD Ameritrade turf as anyone, and I'm excited. I only mention the dog days because I have an interesting proposition about how to safely navigate them.

People have opinions on many things (scalding hot take). Ask around, and you can learn a lot:

"How do you feel about the remix to ignition?"

"Is a hotdog a sandwich?"

"Lebron or MJ?"

Asking someone about his/her religion or political affiliation is normally off-limits, but I have found a topic almost as divisive (not really as divisive) as religion: favorite childhood cartoon. I have a feeling that, given the right audience, saying "Mickey is way better than Bugs" can be just as heated a debate as Xbox vs Playstation.

I feel like I should preface this by saying that this started out as a nonsense Facebook status, but now I'm genuinely curious.

Clearly, the only sane way to accurately measure a cartoon's worth, is by pitting it against sixty-seven others and letting the internet decide. If we're gonna do this, it must be done right. Herein lies our little post-Omaha/pre-ACC football activity: the inaugural 'Card Chronicle Cartoon Challenge;' which will allow all of you lovely people to collectively name the greatest cartoon of all-time. Not to leave out our twitter brethren, however, I'll allow voting via the use of #CCCartoon hashtag for all individual rounds.

Here's how we'll do this. We will choose a field of 68. This will be done in the CC comments section only since that's the easiest to track. Try to keep comments to the cartoon title only in the subject line (no arguing/analysis yet!). I will total the number of mentions of each title and seed based upon the most popular. Please no more than TWO (2) nominations per comment. If a show has been nominated which you would like to vote for as well, simply reply to the comment and duplicate the name.

EXAMPLE: HotHot votes for 'My Little Pony.' CardsFan922 sees this and also wishes to vote for MLP, so he replies to HotHot's comment with, you guessed it, 'My Little Pony.' Blammo...two votes for the Bronies.

Ties are inevitable, so tiebreaker criteria are as follows:

1) Total number of seasons

2) Total Number of episodes

3) Years in syndication on accessible networks.

4) Conference affiliation (major network/production company). The show with the LEAST number of conference bretheren in the big Dance will win out here. We want Cinderella stories.

The only stipulation in play here is that it MUST be an animated show. No Fraggle Rock, no Eureka's Castle. Great shows in their own rights, but not animated/drawn. I'll allow 'Peanuts' specials as a whole. I guess I just nominated Peanuts. No feature-length movies (Toy Story, Up, etc). Save those for another nonsense bracket.

Once the teams are seeded, I'll build a bracket. For simplification, all play-in games will be for 16-seeds only. I'll set up conference affiliation for each cartoon so that no two can play each other in the second round (see seeding tie-breaker). The final wrinkle is location. I've taken it upon myself to set Play-in Sites, Second and Third Round sites, Regional hosts, and a Final Four location. This is so much more serious than it should be. When I get bored, things like this happen. As far as scheduling...we won't go a week between rounds, but we'll try and space it so that there is enough time to vote, tally, analyze and advance. This won't be as distinguished and infamous as the LCPT, as we can't 'award' the winner anything, but at least whenever someone questions, you can point them here and show them proof of the undisputed heavyweight champion of all animation (as voted upon by SBNation readers and SBNation twitter).

Starting tonight and running through next Wednesday, the 18th...I'll be counting up comments and hashtags. Sometime around next Friday, the 20th, I'll have a set bracket. The Tuesday after Omaha, which is the 24th, the play-in games will take place. I'd like to utilize the poll system, which I'll probably save until the final four. Starting Thursday, June 26th...we start narrowing down classic (and maybe a few really terrible) cartoons until one stands alone {cue 'One Shining Moment'}. Feel free to fill out a bracket with your picks and tweet/comment/e-mail to me...although I have no grand prize for whichever of you wins a bracket challenge full of fictional characters.

This is going to be what we make of it. Let's have some fun, and pass some time once the Omaha Cardinals have wrapped up a (hopefully ultimately successful) College World Series run.

Voting/nomination for your favorite cartoons for the Card Chronicle Cartoon Challenge starts

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