The Cardinal Countdown...94 days till kickoff

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

#94 Lorenzo Mauldin


Class: Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-4/243

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Twitter: @Lozo_Mauldin_IV

Thoughts: I could probably put together a two or three page paper on the life of Lozo, both as a child and his experiences at UofL. The kid has some heart, there is no denying that. After battling numerous issues at home, nagging injuries at Louisville, and even being HIT BY A FREAKIN CAR, Mauldin has always powered through. When Lorenzo announced that he planned on returning for his senior season at Louisville, the Cards received an immediate boost not only in experience, but attitude and passion. Petrino and Grantham have had some high praise for the kid hoping to improve on his 40 tackle/9.5 sack season from a year ago. In order to do that, he’ll not only have to ratchet up the intensity in a much tougher ACC conference, but also learn a new position. With the 3-4 defense, Grantham has moved Mauldin from a down lineman coming off the end, to an outside linebacker. When presented with the transition Lozo accepted it in stride, just like everything else. Grantham thinks the move will allow Mauldin more flexibility and showcase some more of his talents. Last year Mauldin had 12 tackles for loss and 3 forced fumbles, mostly due to his speed and agility. Having the flexibility to line him up 4-5 yards off the line of scrimmage or place him next to the down lineman in the up position will give him a chance to see the field better and hopefully react that much faster. I’m looking forward to see how he performs in the new role. As a side note, I recently read an article referenced on this site that talked about how Lozo placed a large Miami "U" above his bed with a red X through it. It was used as motivation for the bowl game originally, but he kept it up the entire offseason to provide motivation for Game 1 this September. I have a ton of respect for Lozo the football player, but just as much for Lozo the human being. Add this guy to the list of reasons I love Louisville athletics.

Sweet Tweet:

This year was tough for me as it was the first Derby in my whole life that I haven’t spent in Louisville, KY. Having never been a ‘huge’ horse racing guy I figured it would be weird not being around it all, but nothing too devastating. I was wrong. Sadly, the folks around here could less about the event (at least the ones I was around) and it was almost depressing to see the rest of the country not celebrating the city we know and love. As corny as it may sound I really do think it’s one of those times in your life that you don’t realize how special something is until you no longer have it right in front of you…….I’m looking right at you Anastasia Saunders. Right. At. You.

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