The Cardinal Countdown...95 days till kickoff

Andy Lyons

#95 Kyle Shortridge


Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-3/297

Position: Defensive Tackle

Hometown: Loxahatchee, Fla

Twitter: @shortdog99

Thoughts: The quick recap of Shortridge is that he is very big and very physical. He has the size required to become a very good football player and his bull rush mentality reminds me a lot of how Dumervil started back in the day. Kyle took a redshirt last year as we had a senior laden group up front, but now that some of the line has thinned out with players graduating he may have a chance to get some playing time behind Rankins at the end. Getting a year of the college experience under his belt doesn't hurt when it comes to competing with the other guys for a spot. Shortridge actually fractured his foot back in March of this year, but surgery went okay and he was good to go by camp. I doubt the injury will have any lasting effects but I’m sure the coaches will be precautionary if need be. The recruitment of Shortridge was interesting as he had originally committed to play for Purdue before Danny Hope was fired (rightfully so, I may add). Opening up his recruitment provided a flood of interest from some top notch programs including Texas A&M, Michigan St and Wisconsin among others. Shortridge picked the Cardinals because he liked the intensity that Strong and Bedford showed during practice. While I’ve never met Kyle, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that I don’t think he’ll be disappointed with the intensity of the Petrino and Grantham camp either.

Sweet Tweet:

While I’m sure Kyle had to endure numerous video sessions last year while he sat out, I doubt that Bedford of Hurtt were throwing up to many PowerPoint presentations. Doesn't seem like their style. Unfortunately, I am not so fortunate in the career path I have chosen. I've actually seen so many presentations that I have (more than likely) unjustly characterized the presenter based solely on his slide transition selection. Can the presenter and I be friends? Let’s take a peek…

No transition: You’re a very straight-laced, no nonsense type of person, possibly ex-military, and frankly your lack of acknowledgement that you are moving from one slide to the next kind of scares me. We will be friends when you tell me we can be friends.

Fade smoothly: You are a typical presenter who doesn't want to go to crazy, but also doesn't want to be labeled as the weirdo without a transition. The fade is the "go-to" transition in a time of need. This grouping is about 70% of people in a normal office setting. We could probably go get a beer after work.

Any screen wipe (left,right,up,down): Strong possibility you are over the age of 45 and the wipe effect reminds you of the good old days of newspapers and books that weren't read from a tablet or smart phone. I respect that. Under 45? You've got an old school mentality and probably have more songs on your MP3 player from BEFORE you were born than after. Give me a call me when Hall & Oates comes to The Palace.

Anything with Stripes/bars/etc: You’re trying too hard. You want to create some excitement, but more than likely your presentation has already forced 3 people into a PowerPoint induced coma while everyone else is just checking Twitter or Facebook on their phone. In fact, while you’re just sitting there in your next meeting you might as well go follow @CardinalStrong. Dude’s pretty funny. Sometimes.

Fizzle/Dissolve: We can’t be friends. You are either a 13 year old girl doing a class project or a d-bag. My friend zone strictly prohibits both parties….you know, for both personal and legal reasons.

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