The Cardinal Countdown...97 days till kickoff


#97 DeAngelo Brown


Class: Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-1/318

Position: Defensive Tackle

Hometown: Savannah, GA

Twitter: @DeBrown97

Thoughts: Many people may have forgotten about the talented Mr. Brown. DeAngelo showed some nice flashes during his freshman year providing a breather for some of the big boys up front back in 2012. Unfortunately for Brown, he tore his achilles during the summer last year and missed the entire season. After suffering through the pain of being sidelined all year, DeAngelo appears to be ready to make an impact while playing one of the most challenging positions of the 3-4 defense. For those unaware of the new philosophy, the 3-4 defense usually has 3 down lineman and relies heavily on the Nose Tackle, who will typically line up opposite the center. The nose tackle is called upon to fill both "A-Gaps", or holes (yes, A-holes) to the left and right of the center, to allow for linebacker penetration. This position not only requires someone with a large physical presence, but also someone with the quickness to shift from side to side when necessary (think B.J. Raji or Vince Wilfork in the NFL). It’s also a thankless position, as you usually are the one occupying two guys while a LB flies in for the tackle/sack. Brown looked pretty solid during spring practice at the position and was the starting NT for the spring game. We’ve still got a lot of time for things to play out, but I like Brown solidifying his position in the center of the line as the summer wears on.

Sweet Tweet:

I remember back in my college days I had a Wednesday towards the end of my junior year when I had 4 tests on the same day. The one thing that helped me while studying was using mnemonic devices or the process of translating information to something the brain can remember easier. For whatever reason I still remember the laws of Thermodynamics due to the 2004-2005 UofL basketball players and their respective jersey numbers

(NERD ALERT, NERD ALERT! I apologize in advance)…

0th Law: Thermal equilibrium is transitive

(No one wore the "0" jersey so I just associated this with Pitino, and how the "transition" defense "equaled" the playing field each game)

1st Law: Energy is conserved; its form can be converted

(My man, Lorrenzo Wade, didn’t get much PT so his "energy was conserved" and the guy was money at the free throw line which meant he could "convert" when needed)

2nd Law: Energies can flow, equilibrate

(For those not aware, Ellis Myles was from Compton, CA which has birthed more than a few rap artists. Therefore, he can "flow". Get it? Now you wanna run around talkin bout laws like I ain’t got none, whatchu think I sold em all?)

3rd Law: Driving force for equilibration uniquely defined

(Palacios was quite the "driving force" down low and his appearance was uniquely defined, rocking the specs each game)

You’re welcome engineering students. Everyone else, you can wake back up now. (Bear with me here folks….I’ve got 100 days to cover, they can’t all be rockstars)

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