The Cardinal Countdown...98 days till kickoff

Matthew Stockman

#98 Sheldon Rankins


Class: Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-2/287

Position: Defensive End

Hometown: Covington, GA

Twitter: None

Thoughts: Sheldon could be on the short list of candidates to win the "where the heck did he come from" award this season. After putting in the work his Freshman and Sophomore years, Rankins appears to be poised to make a breakout from the now more prolific 3-4 defensive philosophy. Last season Sheldon did appear in 10 games, and was a factor at times up front, but only accounted for 15 tackles. With the departure of Marcus Smith, Philon and Dunn, someone has to fill the void. After only having a few spring practices under his belt, Sheldon had been mentioned by Grantham (new defensive coordinator) and Petrino as a defensive standout and leader. Sheldon has said throughout the spring that he felt it was his time to step up, and liked the opportunities the new alignments provided to him as a player coming off the end. We’ve got a long way to go before kickoff, but as of right now, I really like Rankins to make a big impact up front this year.

Sweet Tweet:

Sheldon has the exact same number of tweets as I have car decals. I’m not opposed to them per se, but some of you all have just gone overboard. Favorite sports team decal? Sure, I can buy that. Car manufacturer decal? Now you’re losing me. I can see you drive a Ford, the need for a sticker of Calvin in a Ford t-shirt pissing all over a Dodge logo is probably not necessary. Stick figure family? Don’t even present an argument…we’ll all just assume your wife forced you to do that. Running distance decal? I have no idea what your thought process is. We get it. You like to run. Why does everyone else around you need to know how far you ran one day? If I write a book in my spare time should I get a sticker for my car that says how pages it was? If I build a deck in my free time should I get a sticker that says how many nails I drove? Is smacking that sticker on the back of your 97 Escort supposed to make everyone pump the brakes with amazement as they drive past you? What am I missing here?

Ultimately I just end up equating this to one more thing a bunch of guys can talk crap about with their buddies… "nice 13.1 sticker bro, maybe you should run your lazy ass over to my truck and check out that 26.2"

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