Questions about 2014-15 basketball schedule, and other stuff

Does anyone know when the official schedule comes out? Also, does anyone have any idea how the ACC picks its unbalanced schedule? I assume it will be similar to the old New Big East, with at least one game against every team and 3 repeat games against tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 opponents.

I know we have non-conference games against IU and Minnesota, as well as UK.

I can only assume we'll get a home-and-home with at least one of these 3: UNC, Duke, Cuse. They'd be foolish not to, for TV purposes.

If we only get one of the above, then we probably get one of these as our 2nd home-and-home: Pitt, ND, UVA, NC State. Again, for TV purposes.

And then we'd hopefully catch a break and get one of these as our "gimme" home-and-home: Wake, BC, VaTech.

I see a screw job on us for the first year, but it's going to be nice to be back in a conference with a solid middle class.

As sad as it was ending this era, I'm pretty damn excited about this new era. Like most of us, I was in a dark place for over a week. Monday night helped change that a lot.

My head is just full of thoughts of CJ and Terry running the show, dropping threes at an alarming rate, and defending the hell out of everyone. Of Mangok getting his. Of Wayne finally having no choice but to unleash himself (he will). Of Gill and Agau getting a jump on the incoming freshman with some playing time this season. That was huge for us. Even if they don't start, they will provide valuable bench minutes next year. I just wish Kevin could have stayed. But it sounds like it may not have even been up to him.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Jaylen and Onuaku battle it out, although they appear to be listed at different positions. And I've heard there is a JUCO PF we are looking at too? Recruiting gurus, where are you?

Of course, all this assumes Trezl is gone. If he actually comes back, which isn't likely, given he will probably be a late lottery to mid-20s pick like Gorgui ($1+ million/year guaranteed goes a long way in Tarboro, NC), holy crap, we'll be good. If he doesn't, we'll semi- be a work in progress, but nowhere near the situation we had back in 05-06. For the first time in a couple years, the pressure will be slightly off to start the year. Slightly.

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