Review of KDC basketball game

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

I was very disappointed at the crowd in Freedom Hall. There were just over 5,000 people in attendance and that is way down from last year's numbers. UofL fans need to pack the Hall when we have three players in the game. Okay, off my soap box...

Quentin Snider

Looked like the best player at the beginning of the game. Showed off his handles when defenders pressed him and his ability to make the right passes. He had 9 assists and was very unselfish with the ball. Sometimes when a guy has a lot of assists, you may think it's because he can't score, but Quentin showed that he was able to do that early on.

Of all the guys on the floor, Quentin looked the most ready to play college. He had control of his team.

Jaylen Johnson

Showed surprising athleticism and great skills with the ball. You could tell that he needs to bulk up a little bit. However, he did score 14 points and record 12 rebounds. Many will say that was due to Quentin Snider's assists, but I will say SO WHAT BUSTER! That ain't gonna change soon, Quentin and Jaylen will be on the same team for at least the next couple years. Sorry!

Chinanu Onuaku

Showed the propensity to play defense except he fouled out, looked a little worn out towards the end. He showed the ability to make some plays that show he is a top 10 center. However, he seemed to either get tired, or be a little out of shape. I think a good year of Pitino conditioning is really going to make him a big time center.

Prediction For the Future

I say next year that Quentin gets about 20 minutes PT and makes a big contribution right away. Jaylen Johnson gets a lot of minutes a year from now after bulking up. Chinanu Onuaku will get minutes backing up Mangok and by the end of the year will be competing for starting time at the five spot. (Just my guess).

Other News

In other news, looks like Shaqquan Aaron had 14 points in the Jordan Brand Classic and wowed a lot of people with his dunks. That is real good sign against the level of competition he was going against. I expect him to push Wayne Blackshear for PT next year.

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