2014 Spring Game Video Highlights

John Sommers II

What a fantastic evening for football. Sunny and breezy, the wide open sky over the Oven and even a few jets flying around warming up for Thunder.

I grabbed a few plays with my phone and threw them up on YouTube for those of you who are out of town or weren't able to make the game. It's high-res, so make sure and crank up the resolution when watching it. The first phone was a Lumia 1020 which does full 1080p, but I killed the battery and had to switch to an iPhone halfway through so that's why it's letter-boxed.

TL;DR - Chucky Williams is a fun name to say. L.J. Scott is great. Great Scott!

I've not been able to find attendance numbers for Friday night, but it was a decent sized crowd that turned out. The far side (west) of the stadium was not as full but if I had to put numbers to it, I'd guess somewhere around 30,000? Which I'm not going to gripe about considering that it's competing with Thunder Eve activities when a lot of people have family coming into town, etc.

Will Gardner led off the Red team and on the white team, a rotation of the backup QB's including Kyle Bolin (who I've been waiting to see) and Brett Nelson.

DeVante Parker was the featured receiver, but Gerald Christian and James Quick had some great catches, both deep and across the middle. Apparently someone had a word with Quick during the offseason, because nary a ball squirted out of his hands. Christian had some fantastic short moves and I think we're going to be hearing his name a lot this year, followed by "and good for another Cards first down."

On the ground game, Michael Dyer got a LOT of reps. And, he was able to take advantage of those opportunities, powering through first contact, controlling the ball and it looks like he may have picked up a little speed over last year. He looked leaner about the waist but those massive arms are just as impressive as they were last year.

Apparently L.J. Scott knows how to break tackles, because that's what he did most of the night. First contact was rarely successful. Not much better for 2nd contact. It usually took multiple players to bring him down - which is great when we have the ball but doesn't bode well for UofL Defense stopping the run this year (cue acid flashbacks to Storm Johnson).

In honor of new HCBP, I didn't pay as much attention to the Defensive side of the ball, except that my attention was perked by some great plays made by Chucky Williams. Seriously, how fun is it to say Chucky Williams!? This kid has some hussle and is going places.

I'm just skimming the surface here though. If you'd like to read a much better analysis by a better football mind than mine, check out gocardsguy's 2014 Spring Game Recap.

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